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At Copia, we know that hunger is not a scarcity problem, it's a logistics problem.

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At Copia, we know that hunger is not a scarcity problem, it's a logistics problem. We have more than enough food to feed every hungry person on the planet. We're making BIG strides to end hunger and food waste by connecting businesses with excess food to those who need it. We've already redistributed over 2MM pounds of food, providing over $14MM in savings for the businesses and nonprofits we serve.

Our customers include hospitality companies, grocery retailers, corporate cafeterias, universities, hospitals, and sports franchises. These companies use Copia's Prep app to schedule donations and our Analyst Dashboard to track surplus trends and receive actionable insights to make better purchasing and production decisions. Our customers benefit from robust data and analytics; automated tax deductions; and exciting PR, social media, and other marketing materials to celebrate their food recovery efforts with Copia.

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