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About us

Advertising is interactive and no longer a one-way communication channel between brands and consumers. Our products drive increased ROAS, conversions, and brand favorability for the world’s top brands by enabling them to have more effective conversations with their audiences.

Results achieved with BrandBastion

  • +269% positive sentiment - A top beauty brand increased positive user sentiment by removing harmful comments and creating space for valuable fan feedback.
  • +24% more conversions - A premium online retailer drove more conversions by ensuring that every prospective customer received a great experience when interacting with ads.
  • -88% negative sentiment - A top brand with an average of 50,000 comments per month decreased negative user sentiment while eliminating spam and false information.

Our mission is to make the world a more action-driven place. We believe engagement is always better than apathy, and meaningful customer interactions online require active management by brands. Be it through removing harmful comments, responding positively towards customer queries, or listening to our client’s feedback to improve our solutions, our action-driven mindset drives everything we do at BrandBastion.
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