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Rishabh Dubey


I am a Full Stack Dev, proficient in analysing code, delivering high-quality, efficient solutions.


What I'm looking for

With over 4 years and 6 months of experience as a Software Developer, I am confident that my skills and expertise in frontend development, coupled with my ability to work across the stack, make me a strong candidate for this role. Throughout my career, I have gained significant experience working with Angular, React, and Vue, while also utilizing technologies such as Express, MongoDB, and AWS. This diverse technical background has allowed me to effectively contribute to various projects and meet the demands of fast-paced environments, such as those in small startups. In these settings, I have often taken on the responsibility of managing the entire frontend aspect of a company's product, while also offering support in backend and DevOps areas when necessary. My proactive nature and willingness to take initiative have helped me to grow my knowledge and contribute to the overall success of my previous employers. This hands-on approach has not only allowed me to hone my technical skills but has also given me the opportunity to develop my leadership abilities. In my current role, I lead the frontend team and have had the privilege of mentoring and managing fresher developers, ensuring their smooth integration into the company and fostering their growth.


Omneky logoOM

Software Engineer


Sep 2022 - Present (1 year 8 months)

Leading the frontend team.
Major contribution in technical decision.
Migrated the current product to new stack on backend and frontend.

Raw Engineering logoRE

Application Developer, FullStack

Raw Engineering

Jun 2021 - Jun 2022 (1 year)

Responsible for frontend Portal.
Revamp SDK project and execution. SDK is made in Vanilla JS and TypeScript.
Architect new features.

Lincode logoLI

Full Stack Developer


Dec 2020 - Jun 2021 (6 months)

Architect and Design Primary Product of Company.
Complete responsibility of Product's Frontend.
Mentor fresher developers.

Treety logoTR

Software Developer


Sep 2019 - Nov 2020 (1 year 2 months)

Implement new features in Product.
Revamped legacy codebase.

Intelligence Node logoIN

C++ Developer

Intelligence Node

Jul 2018 - Jul 2019 (1 year)

Sustained quality of more than 100 crawlers using C++ and JavaScript.
Responsible for crawlers and data of the Largest Client.
Create scripts for Database Management.

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