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I am front end developer and UX/UI enthusiast based in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa

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I'd like to work on civic tech interesting projects that push me to come up with innovative solutions to problems. I also value UX/UI Design and I would like to be in a team where I can bridge the gap between design and development. I would like to focus on working with JavaScript technologies. I would like to take up the role of a Frontend Engineer with a focus on UX if possible.

Laws.Africa: Front-end Engineer (April 2021- December 2022)

Laws.Africa provides digital, high-quality and accurate African law to audiences in Africa and the world.

I helped develop and launch two law resource sites: LawLibrary and AGP AfricanLii contributing to the front-end of those websites. AGP AfricanLII is a site that provides free digitised law and policy of the African Governance Architecture and LawLibrary is a site that provides South African consolidated legislation, case summaries, caselaw collections by subject, and legal commentary. Some notable features I developed on those websites were the following:

  • Multifaceted document search.

  • Interactive navigation in the site’s HTML/PDF document via the table of contents and search box.

I also helped build the organisation’s web component library @laws-africa/web-components (still in beta), which consists of widgets that are used for formatting and adding interactivity to digitised documents. It has been used across various internal organisational projects. The library is still very much a work in progress and we have made plans to improve the documentation and stories for components in the near future.

BOnline: Front-end Developer (February 2018 - April 2021)

For the past two years, I have been part of a quirky team, fun-loving team at BOnline. I have worked on a variety of projects including:


Luxity: is South Africa's Largest Source for Pre-Owned Designer Luxury. It is an e-commerce website where users can buy, sell and consign used designer handbags, shoes and accessories online. There were four main projects that I worked on which were associated with Luxity:

The e-commerce site:
This is a WordPress site with PreactJS used on certain parts of the DOM. I helped develop and maintain the front end of this site.

The client platform:
This is an interface for clients to check consignments, orders, and user details built with ReactJS. I helped develop and maintain the front end of this site.

The sales platform:
An interface for sales staff to perform specialised business operations built with ReactJS. I helped develop and maintain the front end of this site.

b-lib react component library:
I helped build BOnline's react component library, creating components with Storybook stories and writing tests. This library was used in various internal organisational projects.


ASSA aims to establish and monitor standards of professional practice for actuaries, maintain a rigorous disciplinary process, and advance actuarial skills and knowledge to name a few. For this project, the team that I was a part of was tasked with developing a custom KPI platform that was previously run off Excel and was limiting in terms of interaction. Our team re-developed the previous process into a fully functioning web platform which provided ASSA with the ability to track a student’s progress, track project history and improve the interaction between mentors and students. I helped


Vista logoVI



Jan 2023 - Present (1 year 4 months)

My main responsibility is to build and maintain the front end of clients' cinema websites that use the company's software applications. The three main cinema sites that I help maintain are Odeon (, Cinesa( and Curzon (


Front End Developer


Feb 2018 - Apr 2022 (4 years 2 months)

Worked as a Front End Developer at B Online for 3 years, contributing to various projects such as Luxity, an e-commerce site built with Wordpress, a client platform and a salesman interface built with React. Also contributed to ASSA's custom KPI platform as part of a team, building the front-end for a fully functioning web platform that allowed tracking of student progress and project history, and

Laws.Africa logoLA

Front end Developer


Mar 2021 - Dec 2022 (1 year 9 months)

At Laws.Africa, I contribute to the development and launch of law resource sites using innovative technologies such as VueJS, StencilJS, and Python Django. These sites include AGP AfricanLII and LawLibrary, providing free digitized African law and South African consolidated legislation with features like multifaceted document search and interactive navigation via table of contents and search box.

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South Africa

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108k-120k USD

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