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Madhur Taneja


A CSE graduate from ChitkaraUIET & currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at TEKsystems


What I'm looking for

I'm looking for a job where I can work with the latest technologies in the market and grow as an individual and professional, along with the company that I work for.

An enthusiast coder and developer who's looking forward to acquiring new skills and giving back to the team. Focusing on achieving the goals of the organization which aligns with my personal values and work ethics.

Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at TEKsystems in the Transformation, DevOps & Cloud vertical. A Computer Science Engineering (CSE) graduate from Chitkara University and a former member of the University Coding Academy (UCA) batch.

A Nanodegree graduate and also working as a Mentor for Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree (FEND), Cloud Engineer Nanodegree (CDEND), Cloud DevOps Nanodegree (CDND), and Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree (HCND) at Udacity.

Apart from academics, was the hostel head for Bits N' Bytes (BNB) Techno-Cultural Club. In free time, love to watch and play football, listen to music, and watch movies.


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Senior Software Engineer

Apr 2022 - Present (2 years 2 months)

Project: RxRenu Claim Remediation - Adjudication
Dates: 3rd June 2021 - Present
Organization: Prime Therapeutics
Technologies: ReactJS (Typescript), JEST, SpringBoot (Gradle), Java JDK-11, JUnit, PostgreSQL
Description: A monolithic architecture web app that served as a ticket management platform for the remediation claiming process which would act as a microservice in the main application.

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Software Engineer

Oct 2020 - Mar 2022 (1 year 5 months)

Project: Safe@X
Dates: 5th June 2020 - 17th May 2021
Organization: Allegis Group
Technologies: SpringBoot (Maven), Java JDK-13, JUnit, DynamoDB, AWS, Kubernetes, ReactJS (Javascript)
Description: A microservices architecture web app that helped organizations to conduct surveys for reopening and maintaining a safe place for their members during the pandemic by adhering to the government’s and organ

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Associate Engineer

Oct 2019 - Oct 2020 (1 year)

Project: AAR Module
Dates: 23rd October 2019 - 24th December 2019
Organization: TRowePrice
Technologies: SpringBoot (Gradle), Java JDK-8, Spock Framework, JUnit, Postman, MongoDB
Description: A microservices architecture web app for retirement plan services of TRP which manages investment plans, investment banking, Mutual funds, 401k, and other numerous retirement options along with generating the

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Trainee Engineer

Aug 2019 - Sep 2019 (1 month)

Worked on POCs with technologies like:
- Deployed a static website
- Built a Jenkins pipeline
- Built a serverless application

• Angular, SpringBoot, and MongoDB
- Built a microservices architecture having 3 services
- Movie Catalog, Movie Info, and Rating that displays data on UI

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