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Kekeli Afantchao


I'm a fullstack web developer based in the Salt Lake City area. Looking to learn and grow.

United States

What I'm looking for

I'm looking to join a team that is excited about having an early career developer on their team. It's important to me to be around people that are approachable that way I'm comfortable to voice my questions and concerns. A team that values diversity would be wonderful as well.

I earned my certification in Fullstack Web Development from the University of Connecticut School of Engineering. Since graduating I have created opportunities for myself to work for local non-profit organizations, and several startups. I pride myself on being a quick learner, good at reading documentation, and able to change contexts. Most recently I was the sole engineer working on a fullstack tool that would allow the client to pull and edit data regarding several aspects of their sales team.

Experience logoUN

Software Developer

Dec 2022 - Feb 2023 (2 months)

Provided research, design, and management skills to ensure proper implementation of software solutions.
Lead testing and evaluation of proposed frameworks and libraries to verify what tools would be best for use-case.
Modified software to debug errors and improve performance.
Directed software programming and documentation development.
Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate responsiveness.


Junior Angular Developer


Jun 2022 - Sep 2022 (3 months)

Provided a satisfactory user experience by designing and implementing accessible, functional, and responsive user interfaces, ensuring smooth transitions into updated views throughout the application.
Guaranteed alignment of security architecture by liaising with engineers to resolve each code sprint goals, blockers, and support.
Managed the company’s website with cross-functionality in mind.


Web Development Consultant

Connecticut Ultimate Club

Apr 2022 - Sep 2022 (5 months)

Bring CUC website up to date with best practices in functionality to ensure a smooth experience for hundreds of recurring users.
Migrated website to modern version control to keep track of commits, features, and collaboration.
Advise CUC board with practical suggestions to improving the UI/UX for users and admins.
Implement Docker to ensuree functionality in several sever environments.

Tech stack

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