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Software Developer: Nodejs | Reactjs | Vue | Typescript | Python | Web3 | Chrome Web Extension


What I'm looking for

As a software developer, I would be looking for a job that allows me to:

  1. Utilize my skills and knowledge in various programming languages and technologies to design, develop and maintain software systems.

  2. Be a part of a team that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

  3. Have opportunities to work on challenging projects that allow me to expand my skills and abilities

I've been a software developer for more than five years, using cutting-edge technology to create cutting-edge solution. I am knowledgeable and skilled in general purpose application development, e-commerce, fintech, and edutech. Over the years, I have used my knowledge to create applications with a focus on Nodejs, Python, React.js, Javascript, Typescript, VueJS, and alot more for a variety of businesses.



Chrome Extension Contract


Nov 2022 - Dec 2022 (1 month)

Developed a chrome browser extension for blocking ads and tracking using the new manifest v3 updated changes.
Developed with React
State management with Redux and the chrome.local api for persistent state on the browser
Typescript implementation
Vite build

Edeco Internet GMBH logoEG

Full stack developer

Edeco Internet GMBH

Apr 2019 - Jul 2020 (1 year 3 months)

Analysis of data models from scratch and identification of the relationships between tables and basic understanding of the implementations.
Design UI patterns of the entire web site structure using basic tools like figma, photoshop etc
UX Responsiveness for all screens
Building api's with symfony(PHP)
Front-end serialization to consume the back api'
Docker & CICD

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