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Chris Balz


Ex-Apple, Accel Software Engineering Executive Manager - scaling, SDLC, growing managers, and SLA!

United States

What I'm looking for

For a smaller company, I seek the chance to help bring success through growth to get to that coveted "next level". For a bigger company, I seek the same through awesome deliverables that motivate and inspire the team, workgroup, or department as well as the rest of the company.

Want to get on track to reach The Forbes 2000, or simply get to smooth, reliable, great delivery at your department? Great - contact me! Using 23 years of hands-on xp in the Silicon Valley, I will create a plan for your company/department/team to WIN, and execute on it.

This means taking a hard look at the scalability of your software engineering, process, and team organization. If your goal is to get that IPO, reduce waste, harvest valuable IP, or work better with your stakeholders by delivering on time and creating/meeting an SLA, I can come through for you because I've been there before and can show the way!

With lots of experience working from Remote as an exec, I can get this done for you no matter where you are.




dba TreeLogic Software Engineering (self)

Feb 2010 - Present (14 years 5 months)

Managed engineering of cloud-based desktop/app streaming product
Created patent portfolio:
Conceived, funded, managed leading AWS EC2 test tool, aws-mock ( )
Awarded Sponsorship of Carnegie Mellon U.’s M.S. in Software Eng. Final Project
Project detail: Summary: ; Github:

Stanford Federal Credit Union logoSU

Director of Platform & Application Engineering

Stanford Federal Credit Union

Sep 2019 - Nov 2020 (1 year 2 months)

Stanford Federal Credit Union is a financial institution with $3B of assets under management.

Highlights of my work there:
Owning the project, delivered alpha of 1st in world Google Pay checking account signup
Launched 1st Wise ( ) service in North Am., delivering large money savings for working people
Built Engineering in Test team

Kargo, Inc. logoKI

Director of Engineering

Kargo, Inc.

Sep 2021 - Oct 2022 (1 year 1 month)

Defined, isolated & removed crucial bottlenecks in SDLC to scale
Unblocked team frontend automation, working around TestCafe issue & blazing fix path ( )
Delivered key upgrade to major customer-facing ad demo app on an ambitious timeline
Developed developers in both tech/arch and in teamwork

Apple, Inc. logoAI

GBI Architect

Apple, Inc.

Aug 2013 - Dec 2018 (5 years 4 months)

Led team to work with iTunes to complete requirements engineering, iterate, and deliver.
Initiated discussions to consider functional programming and state reduction for big gain: Clojure, React.
Led w/ TypeScript (2016) to gain Enterprise-class reliability and maintainability.
Interviewed and recommended engineers who proved to be successful on team.
Attended Apple University

Fetch Robotics, Inc. logoFI

Engineering Manager

Fetch Robotics, Inc.

Dec 2018 - Aug 2019 (8 months)

Served as tech lead, managing frontend and middleware development team
Built features for extensive single-page web app for fleets of robots
Working with HR, graduated engineers from PIP to successful, productive contributors
Advanced Docker work to support many customer-specific customizations
2D WebGL with extensive CPU/GPU/int

E*Trade Financial logoEF

Senior Staff Software Engineer

E*Trade Financial

Nov 2006 - Dec 2009 (3 years 1 month)

Led technology migration to Web 2.0 platform.
Worked with HR requirements to deliver groundbreaking new stock option mgmt product.
Created first professional JS framework suited for the consumer Web, Et1 ( ):
E*Trade website able to handle peak load w/o going "white screen".
Using ET1, revamped the core E*Trade offering, Equity Edge Online app ( )


Software Engineer

Six Apart, Ltd.

Dec 2005 - Sep 2006 (9 months)

Built core of the rich-text blog editor and worked on core JS APIs for Vox (2006-2010) ( )
Contributed to winning Vox's Best Web 2.0 Innovation Award from Shiny Media:

Yahoo, Inc. logoYI

Software Applications Development Engineer, Senior

Yahoo, Inc.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2013 (2 years 1 month)

Used user experience vision to create the most popular module on the Livestand app
Livestand was ranked by Apple as a Top Five News App for 2011 (work sample: )
Developed instrumentation libraries for click and attention-monitoring, w/ PII compliance
Met challenging $14M Olympics app deadline, created by reorg due to new CEO

eBay, Inc. logoEI

JavaScript Developer (contract)

eBay, Inc.

Jun 2005 - Dec 2005 (6 months)

Contributed to core eBay JavaScript framework, “ej2”
Delivered website features


Lab Technician (while graduate student)

Gizmonics, Inc.

Dec 2003 - May 2005 (1 year 5 months)

Developed software in “G" from LabView ( )
Contributed to build the NASA’s ST-7 ( ), successfully launched and completed.


Software Engineer (contract)

State Software, Inc.

Apr 2002 - Jun 2002 (2 months)

State Software ( ) was a company founded by the popularizer of JSON, Doug Crockford, although a team I had already been on had been using json professionally.

Part of effort that delivered a great JavaScript framework with backend to Amazon


Software Engineer

digiGroups, Inc.

May 2000 - Aug 2001 (1 year 3 months)

Delivered features for Enterprise-class Web-based groupware, with Ajax & JSON

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