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Voxnest is an audio technology company specializing in podcast solutions. With our professional tools, we allow independent creators, publishers, and advertisers to expand their business through audio content and streamline podcasting revenue. As thought leaders in the podcasting industry, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth and timely statistics and insights for journalists, podcast platforms, publishers, advertisers and podcast enthusiasts.


Spreaker: We’re an all-in-one podcasting platform that gives publishers and independent creators everything they need to grow their business, from recording and production to distribution and dynamic ad insertion. Our set of ultimate solutions for publishers include tools such as team collaboration advertising management, a platform that allows for the creation and management of traffic of audio campaigns.

Dynamo: Keep your hosting solution while monetizing with Dynamo. You can enable dynamic ads across episodes that reach the right listeners and refresh automatically at each play.


Voxnest’s team includes tech entrepreneurs, industry veterans and investors with extensive experience in the podcasting ecosystems. In 2018, audio platforms Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio merged to create Voxnest, a parent-company with solution-driven podcasting technologies.

Although Voxnest is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, the company has been fully remote since its inception in 2018. We believe in diversity and work-life balance, that’s why today our employees are spread across the globe from New York to Amsterdam.

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