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About us

All security related data you need, all in one place. Tap into a treasure-trove of cyber security gold and get the info you can’t find anywhere else. We’re proud to offer security analysts and developers the most current DNS and domain intel with one simple search.


We love working remotely: our employees have the freedom to work from home or any location in the world, avoid commuting time, be present for their families and focus on their personal growth. Plus, this gives us the perfect reason to do amazing team retreats that everybody loves!


Our team-oriented environment is at the core of what we at SecurityTrails stand for. We encourage every team member to grow, feel connected, and collaborate with each other so we can continue building this amazing company day by day.


Perks and benefits of working at SecurityTrails

  • Working full-time, remotely: We are a fully remote company. Since the very beginning we’ve embraced working remotely as a core factor in expanding the scale of our company and services.
  • Monday - Friday working days: Unlike other IT jobs, you don’t need to work on Saturdays or Sundays. We work from Monday to Friday only, so you can rest and enjoy your weekends.
  • Paid trips and retreats: Each year we have meetings and retreats where you can get to know your fellow team members and design business, marketing or app development plans. Come and meet us!
  • Teammates from all over the world: Our remote company allows you to share, work and grow your skills with people from around the globe, including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.
  • Great company culture: We offer a team that’s open to collaboration, where everyone can feel like they can grow and advance, no matter where they are. If you’re passionate about programming and infosec, and would like to work in a culturally diverse group, this is the place for you.
  • Educational support: We encourage all our employees to keep learning. If you ever need to take a course, receive training or educate yourself in any area of technology, we’re here to help.
  • Paid vacations: We want you to enjoy real work-life balance, so you can stay happy and healthy. You can disconnect periodically to clear your mind. Want to take a few weeks off? We’ve got you covered!
  • We are flexible: Do you have personal issues, or feeling sick? We know that from time to time you may need to miss some work hours due to personal or family emergencies. Just let us know, and we got your back.
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