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OmniAccess - Marine Network Solutions, are a highly specialised marine IT & VSAT service provider in the superyacht, cruise and research vessel industry. Our principal airtime product, Broadbeam, is one of the most flexible, cost effective, high availability VSAT services on the market today.  Within our Broadbeam airtime packages that we supply you will find some of the most advanced VSAT services, reaching speeds of up to 450 Mbps.

We operate our network from our own Teleport & Hubs in Palma de Mallorca, Mt Jackson (VA), Brewster (WA), Hawaii, Fuchsstadt and Sydney, over two dual redundant Gigabit fibre backbones and a dedicated fibre connection to our Disaster Recovery / Redundant Centralised Network Management System in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Our infrastructure uses the latest iDirect Evolution® technology upon which we are able to deliver the most efficient high speed VSAT Networks. We have a dedicated support staff with 24 hour availability, catering specifically to the bespoke zero tolerance luxury/super yacht industry where instant availability is paramount.

From of our lengthy expertise in dealing with Marine Networks we developed Plexus: a reliable converged on-board IT network infrastructure providing an integrated, robust and scalable solution for IP based communication systems. Plexus uses both wired and wireless technology, advanced routing and data management as well as control and reporting.

We provide a truly end-to-end support in our chosen, high demand, zero tolerance market segment.

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