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    Low latency with immunity.Vaxine is a rich-CRDT database that solves the global write-path latency problem for backend applications — starting with Elixir/Phoenix. craft low latency, geo-distributed applications with transactional causal+ consistency and invariant safety serve data-driven, interactive apps close to your users Vaxine solves the global write-path latency problem for backend applications.Tl;drGeo-distributed apps need a geo-distributed database that’s fast for both reads and writes.

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    7 benefits

    Echobind is a full-service agency bringing together web, mobile, and design experts for your software project. Our team combines technical know-how with deep user insight to ensure your app’s not just launched, it’s loved. We will build your app from the ground up or empower your team to do it yourself. Our services include web and mobile app development, team augmentation, custom training, code audits, and digital strategy.

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