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    Meet ArchForm, a Y Combinator-backed clear aligner software startup that lets orthodontists create, design and 3D print aligners within their own offices. ArchForm provides doctors with a way to better compete against some direct-to-consumer clear aligner brands and cut down on the cost of Invisalign. ArchForm delivers case-planning software for doctors to 3D print clear aligners in-office. Clear aligner providers currently pay about $1,700 per patient to Invisalign; ArchForm charges just $14 per patient.

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    The new and easier way to connect Licensed Dental Professionals with Dental Offices in need of temporary help through an on-demand staffing platform. TempMee Hygienist is the #1 app for quickly filling short-term Dental Hygienist Positions. TempMee Hygienist is designed to fill open, temporary hygienist positions with local, qualified talent by replacing the traditional “sub-list” dynamic. By becoming a TempMee Dental Office, you’ll have the ability to quickly and effectively connect with available Dental Hygienists, ensuring that your business runs optimally.

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