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    We're building the marketplace for DAOs: a one-stop-shop to manage organizations and companies on the blockchain. We're looking for bright, amibitious minds who want to be part of history.

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    daopanel is the governance platform for decentralized organizations. When we inverted the corporation and created the DAO, we blew apart many traditional noise-damping tools and processes. DAOs are incredibly, unsustainably noisy. If we fail to build tools for managing the intrinsic noisiness of DAOs, DAOs won’t work and the world will continue to organize along the soul-crushing industrial pseudo-efficiencies of the last 200 years.

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    43 tech stacks


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    Mojito is an end-to-end solution for branded NFT marketplaces and tokenized customer engagement. The space is growing at an incredible pace and we are in prime position to be a market leader. Mojito is the first project to graduate from the Serotonin Product Studio and is backed by industry veterans and VCs and partners. We combine technology with design thinking and user empathy to build products that make blockchain accessible to a mainstream audience.

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View all companies logo is the modern way to work with data. We take care of the database - no more need for you to set up, secure, back up, monitor or otherwise run a database.

Comcate logo

In 2000, Comcate was founded with the help of retired city managers and Silicon Valley technologists who had a vision for improved workflows and greater efficiencies within public agencies.

OneSignal logo

OneSignal is the most popular push messaging and engagement platform in the world, used by over 810,000 developers and marketers to send over 5 Billion notifications per day.

TetraScience logo

TetraScience is replatforming and reengineering the world’s scientific data in the cloud to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

Uniregistry logo

The internet is changing and we’re part of the new wave.Uniregistry is building the Internet of tomorrow with new domain extensions, a more intuitive and user-friendly domain management registrar, and an award-winning premium domain brokerage service.

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