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    We're a full-service design agency serving early-stage startups. Catalog is a full-service design studio catered towards early stage startups. We have clients ranging across all industries like SaaS, fintech, consumer, healthcare, AI, social, B2B. Because of our unique business model, we act more like a remote designer than a traditional agency. This allows us to great, consistent work across all kinds of design like visual, product, marketing, sales, branding.

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    Songspace, a FUGA company, is an independent SaaS redefining the music rights & workflow Songspace is the leading creative workflow and rights management platform for music creators and rights-holders. Songspace redefines the music rights management experience, with a flexible and intuitive user interface that mirrors the natural business workflows of music professionals. Since its founding in Nashville in 2014, Songspace has been enthusiastically supported by the music industry, finding its product niche with music publishers and growing its client base to over 300 music companies, including Kobalt Music, Downtown Music Publishing, Big Deal, Reservoir Media, Domino Records and hundreds more.

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