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About us

We trained more than 100,000 entrepreneurs online last year with the same objective: to help them realize their project. On the menu, different courses like 'How to make yourself known on the Internet', 'How to succeed as a freelancer' or 'How to create a pretty and visible site'.

A different pedagogy

Our mission is to bring our pedagogy to the greatest number. 90% of our lessons are free.

Our pedagogy is coherent and detailed.

LiveMentor is an online organization.

We don't do quizzes, multiple choice questions, interactive exercises, in short, we don't do e-learning.

We don't distribute diplomas either because we want entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills, not receive a piece of paper by La Poste.

All our pedagogy is based on the exchange between the mentor and the entrepreneur. Our thing is transmission. Our entrepreneurs learn from mentors who love to share their experience.

Our entrepreneurs

We are super proud of our entrepreneurs and project leaders and their inspiring journeys! We group them all, whatever their field, in private discussion groups. Thus, the experienced can help beginners, explain the difficult points of the courses and motivate them.
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