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FundingGates provides an all-in-one Receivables Management Platform.

FundingGates' mission is to provide the most advanced Receivables Management Platform in the world. With solutions for all stages of the AR cycle, we're eliminating the pain of managing receivables.

Built by people who have operated and ran financial departments of medium to Fortune 1,000 companies, we have first-hand experience on how important effective AR management is. Most times, it's the largest line item on a company's balance sheet -- if not managed properly, a company is bound to struggle.

Current Accounting / ERP systems are not built for managing AR, and current software products out there are clunky, archaic, and painful to use. As a result, businesses resort to excel spreadsheets and pen & paper when managing AR.

FundingGates' all-in-one AR Platform is different. It's been designed to provide a faster, smoother, and much more effective way of managing AR, giving companies all the solutions they need in one central place.

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