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Casumo is a recognized and award-winning online casino formed in 2012. We’re a passionate bunch who believe that the right people, tools, and technology drive innovation and have the potential to disrupt entire industries. 

As the gaming world zigs, Casumo zag. We will not only challenge the other gaming companies in the industry—we will challenge all their conventions about how to be a gaming company. We don’t believe that casinos always will look the way they do today, and we want to be the thought leader driving that change.  It’s a long process but it all revolves around one question: how will chance-based gaming about money work in the future?

We’re an agile organization with a work style characterized by transparency, humbleness, and speed, with autonomous teams working closely together towards a clear vision. The possibility to create something new and to make a real difference is what drives us. Together, we’re writing the future of gaming.

Learn about the technology and tools that Casumo uses.

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Casumo's tech stack

BrowserStack, Contentful, GitHub, CloudFlare, and Sass are some of the popular tools that Casumo uses. Learn more about the Development, Front Office, Assets and Media, and Languages & Frameworks in Casumo's Tech Stack.


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