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About us

TIM tried to find a modern solution to enable mobile bidding in his auctions, but everything he saw entailed lugging lots of equipment into the field with him. He wanted something simple yet powerful that used the smartphone already in his pocket. Something that didn't exist yet.

So he contacted ANDY, a friend of his who had decades of industry experience building software for Amazon and Rosetta Stone. Tim knew he and Andy would make an excellent team solving problems for auctioneers. BidWrangler was born.

After spending time talking to auctioneers, Tim and Andy realized what you really wanted was all the BidWrangler performance in your own app. So they delivered. They continue to listen to auctioneers, expanding on the platform that powers all of BidWrangler's products.

BidWrangler Core Values

  1. Treat customers like teammates and help them succeed.
  2. Be a generous listener. 
  3. Show empathy.
  4. Have your team’s back in business and in life. 
  5. Be honest, even if it means owning failure or facing fears. 
  6. Deliver product that you want to use. 
  7. Find work that you are passionate about. 
  8. Say nice things (even if you suck at it).
  9. Work + life, not work vs. life.
  10. Be curious and embrace change. 

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