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Rich Atkinson and Patrick Goffin

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Hire pre-vetted developers, trained for Silicon Valley remote jobs.At Pesto, readiness meets the right opportunities.Rethink and relearn your engineering know-how for the jobs of tomorrowWe invested in a pile of paperwork & a payroll software so that you don't have to.

In every country, healthcare systems can’t keep up anymore with the way we live.

Software used to be magical. We were excited about the new possibilities it opened up.

CoinTracker enables seamless cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance.

Join us on a mission to solve startups. Today, harmonic.ai is used by teams like Brex, Sequoia, Index, a16z, MongoDB, Notion, and Bloomberg to connect startups with the capital and resources that they need to drive growth.

Connect Financial is retail fintech solution that bridges TradFi, DeFi and Crypto under one platform.

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