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Project management and planning; Stakeholders communication; Microsoft; Basic knowledge of SQL.


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Look for positions in project management, consulting, internal and external communication, and data management.

I'm now on a break from my regular job, so I have time to complete the jobs effectively. I have a reputation for constantly delivering high-quality work, and I excel at identifying issues and finding adequate solutions.

Over 6 years of professional work experience. I have professional experience in branding and marketing, having worked on a project that produced a branding video, which received over 10 million video views across various media channels.



Project management


May 2021 - Nov 2022 (1 year 6 months)

1. Monitor project progress, examine the financial report, and share the most important changes with the lea
d partners. One of the few members who support two major projects at the same time in the firm China.
2. Continually communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and build a connection between lead pa rtners and engagement partners. To support and stay informed about the deployment


Branding and marketing communication


Jun 2016 - Jul 2020 (4 years 1 month)

1. Help the local team to develop the company's image by organizing creative events to bolster the company's culture and recently implemented policy. 90% of the participants (nearly 4,000 coworkers) in each activity were successful.

2. The most notable project involved creating a promotional video with suppliers that received 10 million views on digital media channels in a single year.

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Looking for a job



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