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Inaaya Saqib


Hey, I'm Inaaya Saqib, a moderate visual planner.


What I'm looking for

If you are having issues with organizing data lists, records, Survey analysis & things like this.

No worries, I am here to provide you with professional excel services and solutions to all your business problems with complete satisfaction.

I'm skilled at producing striking Poster , Flyers or social media posts that will distinguish your company from the competition.

  • Eye-catching Posters, Flyers, or social media posts are designed to showcase your brand's personality.

  • Attention to detail in color scheme, typography, and overall composition

  • Designed to capture your target audience's attention and communicate your brand's message effectively

  • Professional and minimal design to help your business stand out.


Tech stack

Learn about the tools and technologies that Inaaya likes to use.

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