Current as of Nov 29, 2023

Remote salaries in Ukraine

Explore salary ranges for remote jobs in Ukraine.

Base pay range for remote employees in Ukraine

The base pay range for remote workers in Ukraine spans from $12k to $240k USD per year. This data comes from an aggregate of 10 salaries, offering a snapshot for those interested in remote work opportunities in Ukraine.

How much does a remote employee make in Ukraine?

In Ukraine the average salary for a remote employee is $73k USD per year. Salary estimates are based on 10 salaries. Click on a remote job title below to find specific salary information for that job in Ukraine.

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Job TitleMin (USD)Max (USD)Average (USD)Salaries
Entry-level AI Developer$50k$50k$50k1
Mid-level Android Engineer$60k$75k$67k2
Mid-level Customer Support Specialist$12k$12k$12k1
Entry-level Data Scientist$13k$13k$13k2
Senior Frontend Software Development Engineer$89k$89k$89k1
Senior Machine Learning Engineer$220k$240k$230k2
Senior PHP Developer$48k$48k$48k1

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