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    Cosmic provides tools for development teams to build and manage applications. Our CMS API provides a web Dashboard and API to allow dynamic content to be delivered to any website or app. Our community Marketplace offers pre-built open-source applications and extensions. Teams can find off-the-shelf solutions, and learn how to build Cosmic-powered apps to fit their specific use-case.

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    CloudBees is an opinionated automated service for cloud applications powered by Jenkins X, for use by developers and enterprises alike. We provide a software delivery management tool that simplifies the process of debugging with logging. Using CI and CD, CloudBees enables drive productivity as well as stability and accelerates the time-to-market through automation. CloudBees utilizes resealed orchestration in order to allow teams to manage pipelines and continuously deploy releases securely.

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    TIAMCO is a multidisciplinary design studio, specialising in branding strategy & visual communication. We can come on board at any stage to deliver dynamic outcomes – from brand strategy, creative direction, design and final production across all platforms. Most importantly, we are versatile and imaginative – evolving to meet the needs of our clients and respond to the shifting consumer landscape.

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