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    Bugcrowd is the #1 crowdsourced security platform. More enterprise organizations trust Bugcrowd to manage their bug bounty, vulnerability disclosure, attack surface management and next-gen pen test programs. By combining the largest, most experienced triage team with the most trusted hackers around the world, Bugcrowd generates better results, reduces risk through remediation advice, and empowers organisations to release secure products to market faster — with no hidden fees.

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    Made by developers, for developers.As developers at Mobile Jazz, we’ve built many apps across all mobile platforms. When doing so, however, we found a lack of good tools for remotely gathering app logs to get key information at the right time.As developers, we share your pain points. That’s why we decided to build Bugfender — to provide the best remote logger on the market, with the options and features you need for a better development experience.We hope you love our tool as much as we do!

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