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Remote salaries in Spain

Explore salary ranges for remote jobs in Spain.

Base pay range for remote employees in Spain

The base pay range for remote workers in Spain spans from $9k to $202k USD per year. This data comes from an aggregate of 237 salaries, offering a snapshot for those interested in remote work opportunities in Spain.

How much does a remote employee make in Spain?

In Spain the average salary for a remote employee is $63k USD per year. Salary estimates are based on 237 salaries. Click on a remote job title below to find specific salary information for that job in Spain.

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Job TitleMin (USD)Max (USD)Average (USD)Salaries
Mid-level AI Engineer$31k$31k$31k1
Senior AI Engineer$63k$63k$63k1
Mid-level AI Scientist$37k$37k$37k1
Senior AI Scientist$55k$55k$55k3
Mid-level Android Engineer$63k$78k$70k4
Senior Application Engineer$52k$52k$52k1
Senior Application Security Engineer$78k$78k$78k1
Senior Assistant Account Manager$30k$30k$30k2
Mid-level Big Data Engineer$45k$60k$52k4
Senior Client Platform Engineer$57k$57k$57k1
Senior Cloud Security Engineer$68k$68k$68k2
Senior Cloud Security Engineering Manager$57k$57k$57k3
Mid-level Customer Care Agent$31k$31k$31k1
Mid-level Cyber Security Analyst$40k$52k$46k4
Senior Cyber Security Engineer$39k$63k$51k3
Senior Cyber Security Specialist$47k$47k$47k2
Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst$43k$52k$47k2
Entry-level Data Analyst$9k$25k$17k2
Mid-level Data Analyst$31k$42k$36k4
Senior Data Analyst$50k$54k$52k2
Entry-level Data Engineer$39k$39k$39k1
Mid-level Data Engineer$47k$137k$92k20
Senior Data Engineer$36k$202k$119k7
Executive Data Engineer$73k$73k$73k1
Senior Data Engineering Manager$193k$193k$193k1
Executive Data Engineering Manager$73k$73k$73k1
Entry-level Data Science Consultant$27k$27k$27k2
Entry-level Data Scientist$31k$31k$31k2
Mid-level Data Scientist$33k$41k$37k8
Senior Data Scientist$69k$88k$78k2
Mid-level Designer$37k$48k$43k2
Mid-level Detection Engineer$42k$42k$42k2
Senior DevOps Architect$33k$39k$36k6
Mid-level DevOps Engineer$34k$147k$90k8
Senior DevOps Engineer$65k$65k$65k2
Mid-level DevOps Infrastructure Engineer$42k$42k$42k3
Senior DevOps Infrastructure Engineer$50k$50k$50k3
Executive Director of Product$63k$89k$76k2
Entry-level Engineering Manager$70k$89k$79k4
Senior Engineering Manager$47k$89k$68k6
Mid-level Frontend Engineer$36k$57k$47k8
Senior Frontend Engineer$42k$68k$55k2
Senior Full Stack Engineer$57k$57k$57k1
Mid-level Full Stack Software Engineer$61k$61k$61k1
Senior Infrastructure Engineer$70k$70k$70k3
Mid-level iOS Engineer$47k$78k$63k6
Mid-level IT Security Engineer$28k$28k$28k2
Senior IT Security Manager$73k$73k$73k2
Senior Lead Security Engineer$63k$89k$76k3
Mid-level Machine Learning Engineer$37k$42k$39k4
Senior Manager of DevOps & Engineering Infrastructure$63k$63k$63k3
Senior Marketing Manager$52k$52k$52k1
Senior Mobile Developer$37k$63k$50k2
Senior NLP Engineer$63k$73k$68k2
Mid-level Penetration Tester$28k$34k$31k5
Senior Penetration Testing Engineer$42k$65k$53k4
Mid-level PHP Developer$36k$47k$42k2
Mid-level Platform Engineer$42k$84k$63k8
Senior Platform Engineer$94k$94k$94k3
Senior Principal Data Engineer$89k$89k$89k1
Senior Principal Data Scientist$84k$84k$84k1
Mid-level Product Manager$153k$153k$153k1
Senior Product Security Engineer$89k$89k$89k3
Mid-level QA Automation Engineer$36k$60k$48k4
Mid-level QA Engineer$36k$73k$55k4
Senior Research Analyst$43k$52k$47k2
Senior Security DevOps Engineer$69k$69k$69k2
Entry-level Site Reliability Engineer$42k$78k$60k2
Mid-level Site Reliability Engineer$54k$54k$54k2
Senior Site Reliability Engineer$47k$157k$102k4
Mid-level Software Engineer$42k$94k$68k14
Senior Software Engineer$63k$152k$107k3
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner$48k$48k$48k1
Senior Technical Lead$47k$68k$57k2
Senior Vulnerability Researcher$135k$135k$135k2

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