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    Willed’s mission is to change the way people organize their affairs so that they have peace of mind that their spouse, children and assets are protected once they pass away.Millions of Australians don’t have a Will, leaving it for the courts to decide how their assets are to be divided amongst their disputing relatives. People put it in the too-hard basket because traditionally the only option has been to use an expensive lawyer, who will charge you an arm and leg to create a Will.Willed solves this problem by allowing everyday Australians to create a legally valid will from the convenience of their own couch, in their own time and at fraction of the cost.Willed is not a DIY will kit or law firm; however, our user-friendly platform has been created by technology and legal experts to provide you with the ability to spell out exactly how you want your assets to be effectively distributed and your loved ones cared for after you pass away.

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