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The Reputation Standard - building a world where we can trust one another.

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The Reputation Standard - building a world where we can trust one another.

We increasingly do more transactions with strangers, from online dating to sharing homes, cars or buying and selling things online. Often we don´t have information about the people we interact with, leading to risks in both directions, fraud and lacking peace of mind.

Traity´s purpose is to help in building a world where we can trust one another, to enable more transactions between people, safer, and more private. In order to do that, Traity aims to become the standard for people´s reputation, one of people´s most important intangible assets.

Unfortunately today our reputation is scattered all around the place. But is it fair that the reputation you earn on eBay can only be used inside those walls? Do you own your reputation or does eBay do? When you signup with Traity, you build your reputation profile. If you later verify yourself on new sites, you don´t need to give data, just use the ReputationAPI to verify you are a trusted user, bringing control and privacy back to you.

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