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Thesis believes in your right to choose; to personally determine membership in our culture and centralized institutions.

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About Thesis:

Thesis is a cryptocurrency venture studio whose mission is to empower the individual. We seek, fund, and build products and protocols in cryptocurrency and decentralized businesses that enable personal empowerment. Our projects include Keep (now Threshold) Network, a privacy protocol for public blockchains, Fold, for earning Bitcoin on your purchases in the physical and virtual worlds, Saddle, a community owned, open source stablecoin swap protocol, and Tally Ho, a community owned and operated cryptocurrency wallet. Investors in the company include Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and Draper Associates, among others. We are a remote-first company, led by founders who have been operating in the cryptocurrency and web3 space since 2014.

As Director of Marketing, you will drive marketing strategy for the studio, working closely with our leadership team and directly with the CEO in building marketing from the ground up. This is a new and first of its kind role and will be critical to driving the overall growth, branding, and communications for this leading web3 venture studio and its portfolio companies and protocols.

About You:

Thesis is seeking an accomplished, highly-organized leader with strong communication and relationship-building skills, demonstrating keen analytical social intelligence, influence, and integrity. You are passionate about the potential of web3 and crypto to empower individuals and change the world. You're ideally well-connected in the crypto community and want to grow on a small team where you can have meaningful impact and work directly with proven entrepreneurs executives scaling a world-class studio.

The ideal candidate thrives in fast-paced environments and enjoys keeping up to date with the trending topics in web3 and our competing products. You should have some hot takes and strong convictions about the state of marketing in the crypto industry what people are doing right, what people are doing wrong, and how we can bring web3 marketing to the next level at Thesis.

You can easily navigate speaking to audiences on different levels from the security-obsessed OG DeFi degen to the barely web2 literate crypto curious masses. You should be comfortable wholly driving marketing strategy you'll understand and help define our target audiences, segment them, and help position our product and define targeting strategy, working alongside business, product, and tech leadership.

What You'll Do:

The Director of Marketing will own the Thesis brand in entirety, as well as advise Thesis portfolio companies on growth strategy and helping shape their marketing functions. You'll take on and develop the Thesis brand identity, marketing goals messaging, define core marketing metrics, and execute campaigns, initiatives, and events to translate our message to a varied audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and the broader web3 ecosystem beyond. You'll be expected to set the KPIs and manage the marketing department budget across various campaigns and channels to ensure that costs are justified by growth objectives a delivery of a net positive ROI.

Your first objective will be to establish the Thesis voice across a wide, diverse community of users stakeholders. We need you to be the chief storyteller and champion brand stories which invite our audience (early crypto adopters, developers, future investors/token holders, entrepreneurs, and the web3 curious general public) to participate in the journey via messaging across the website, product experience, social media, community, public relations, and other channels. We have a bold, unique story to tell and need a sharp strategist executor to drive the broadcast of our narrative.

Marketing has been the missing piece at the studio level, you will be joining a cross-functional team of executives collaborating on the launch of new projects, products, networks and ecosystems. You'll work with design, engineering and business functions to integrate growth into portfolio MVP products, and find the voice of the user to map ecosystem demand and build a business around where users are going.

As the Thesis brand and marketing function is established, much of your day to day will focus on portfolio needs. You'll be expected to advise Thesis projects' product marketing efforts to ensure strong product/market fit, optimize the growth funnel, and drive effective differentiation relative to ecosystem competitors. This may include:

  • Advising product launch strategy and feature releases for maximum impact throughout the growth funnel.

  • Providing insight into the performance and maturity of our projects' marketing functions to identify untapped opportunities.

  • Ongoing advising coaching for portfolio projects to help them scale growth, fix marketing issues, and optimize marketing performance.

  • Create marketing resources to help projects accelerate growth, such as best practice guides/templates/models, thought leadership content, and maintaining a network of strategic partners.

  • Be an active participant in our project's communities, engaging their ecosystems in user research and market insight discovery.

What You'll Do At

0-3 Months

  • Work with the existing team and historical brand discovery efforts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Thesis brand.

  • Audit oversee Thesis' existing marketing vendors campaigns.

  • Audit our existing paid organic growth strategies (SEO, our websites, user journeys, inbound marketing).

3-6 Months

  • Establish and communicate marketing goals and strategies for the Thesis studio and oversee the overall execution of studio marketing initiatives.

  • Communicate the newly articulated Thesis brand to the market through clear and user-friendly marketing messaging across all channels.

  • Produce engaging content for the Thesis website and blog that attracts and converts our target audiences.

6-12 months

  • Collaborate with leadership internal stakeholders to study the evolving needs of the market, new changes trends, and generate simple, high-fidelity executive reports.

  • Develop into one of the public faces of Thesis via thought leadership, and brand and product communications.

  • Build up our internal analytics capabilities.

Other expectations

  • Travel 5-6 times a year (a combination of ecosystem events and team onsites).

  • Speaking at and attending relevant industry events and developing leadership internal resources to serve as educators and ambassadors in the crypto web3 ecosystem.

  • Identify and develop marketing operational processes to improve studio efficiency and effectiveness.

Ideally what you'll have:

  • 5-7 years of marketing or product marketing experience in crypto, SaaS, Fintech, or high growth startups

  • A collaborative, agile creative streak

  • An analytical bent, with strong market research data analysis methods and tools

  • Excellent business acumen long term strategic thinking

  • Project management skills a proven track record of execution

  • Superb written visual presentation skills

  • Experience launching new brands

  • Experience collaborating cross-functionally across different verticals, departments, and executive teams

  • Experience building and managing teams of 2-7, and individually coaching direct reports.

  • Leadership experience in shaping a strategic vision and effectively communicating that vision via marketing plans throughout the organization, to users and external stakeholders

  • Experience designing running media campaigns (pitching journalists, influencers, bloggers, and conferences) with and without PR agencies

  • Experience leveraging and building community to achieve marketing and growth objectives

  • Expertise in content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and paid media

  • Comfort with ambiguity the ability to pivot quickly in a fast moving early stage environment

  • An understanding of Discord, and other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and TikTok

  • Must have - a (healthy) crypto twitter habit. Nice to have - a following on crypto twitter.


All Thesis roles are remote first, with a preference for Europe Americas time zones


At Thesis, we work in a fun, fast-paced environment that operates by collaborating both remotely and in person when we can. We offer a competitive salary, full health benefits, opportunity for equity and a number of other perks

About this role

January 24th, 2023

November 25th, 2022

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Thesis believes in your right to choose; to personally determine membership in our culture and centralized institutions. We build and fund products and protocols in cryptocurrency and decentralized technology.

Working at Thesis

Remote First

Good work doesn’t have to happen at the same time or in the same place. Work with us from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry, we still make time to see one another in-person with semiannual on-sites.

Great Benefits

We think great benefits should let you live well and work well. Vacation, health, and perks are part of the deal, tailored for a remote-first organization.

Do Something Great

Does unchallenged mean indestructible?
Does "too big to fail" mean too risky to demolish?
Our creed: Break it. Make it. Change something big in the process.

Innovating at the Edges

We make it about repeatedly asking the question, and not about the answer. Cryptocurrency is a technical topic—and we expect it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Own it. This is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone.

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Remote First

Good work doesn’t have to happen at the same time or in the same place. Work with us from anywhere in the world.

Company retreats

Company retreats

Don’t worry, we still make time to see one another in-person with semiannual on-sites.

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