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Our Engineering team is growing, and we’re looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer to join us. You’ll be working within a squad building a suite of products that help our users navigate their careers, and our clients attract the best possible candidates. Your work will match great candidates and great companies, driving the successes of both.

You will work on the Candidate Journey squad extending existing web-based products and creating new ones. Our collection of tools include React, Next.js, Typescript, Webpack, SCSS, Storybook, and Docker. We also interface with FastAPI, Django, Python, AWS, and PostgreSQL. We follow an iterative approach to our software development. We prefer someone who has demonstrated experience with our tools, though understand if some are new to you. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable asking questions and learning new technologies, looking to build great software and positively impacting the teams around you.

Some familiarity with back-end technologies is expected at this level, but as this is a front-end position, we require an expert understanding of front-end technologies, concerns, and practice.

We are open to remote teammates who are able to partner with the squad during our core working hours of 10-5pm ET (GMT-5), so we are looking for candidates in similar time zones.

How you will make an impact

  • You’ll build new features that help millions of people curate their careers and find better jobs. Your work on our front-end systems and bridging them with our back end will help us create modern, lean, well-built web applications that grow and improve every day.
  • You’ll be a leader in forming our companies best practices and implementing new functionality in our products.
  • You'll play a key role in driving our technical and product roadmap.
  • You will champion site performance both in actual and perceived speed. You understand bounce versus abandon and how page-speed affects one of those.

Why we’ll love you

  • You embrace “always be learning” and are killing it with web technologies. And though we have a stack of tools, we’re happy to learn about your experiences with other platforms and stacks.
  • You have confidence in your work and are secure in shipping to production frequently. Continuous integration, automated deployments, and Datadog alerts are all part of your day-to-day.
  • You’re stellar with React, and you regularly use hooks, portals, and context. Part of why you’re so solid with those is because “Vanilla JavaScript” is a happy place for you; you deeply understand how those work, and you’re just fine working with or without frameworks.
  • Though you are an expert in JavaScript, you are also comfortable reaching for CSS first as you understand exactly what’s happening under the hood. CSS variables, the general sibling selector, BEM, and @at-root are your close personal friends.
  • You are committed to building the best user experience, enforcing accessibility, usability, and SEO where applicable. You work with specialists in those fields as first-class citizens.
  • You are committed to quality! You are someone who writes clean, fully documented, and rigorously tested systems and believe every line of code should be able to describe itself.
  • You understand and practice clean code principles, such as SOLID, DRY, and YAGNI, and how to apply them to the problems at hand.
  • You can suggest multiple solutions to a problem, explaining the trade-offs, and understanding that perfection is sometimes the enemy of done. You’re comfortable with pushing back when needed and able to explain why.
  • Everyone loves a green field, and you’ll get that too. But code can and does rot, so we all pitch in to weed tech debt out of the garden.
  • You love data-driven development. Pushing the needle on a metric makes you smile.
  • On top of being a great front-end engineer yourself, you are proud to mentor others to level up the entire team.

Why you’ll love The Muse

  • You’ll work at a tech company founded by two badass women who believe transparency is important.
  • Our founders really try to share as much as they can about changes to The Muse strategy, board meetings, and when they are wrestling with big company-wide decisions, etc
  • The Muse actually has—and sticks to—a “no assholes” policy, so you can come to work every day knowing you will always be surrounded by good people who genuinely care about you.
  • We offer unlimited vacation—and we mean it!
  • We invest in growing our people—personally and professionally.

At The Muse, we believe that great ideas come from anywhere. We support a collaborative environment and value open participation from individuals with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We believe having a diverse team makes The Muse a more interesting and innovative place to work, and we strive every day to make The Muse a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

If this could be your dream job, please submit a cover letter and resume, so we can get to know you a little better.

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August 16th, 2021

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March 10th, 2021

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The Muse is a career platform used by over 70 million people to find their best-fit jobs, companies and careers, and was recently named one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World...
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