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At the Browser Company, we're building a better way to use the Internet.

The Browser Company

Employee count: 51-200

Salary: 142k-190k USD

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Hi, we're The Browser Company 👋 and we're building a better way to use the internet.
Browsers are unique in that they are one of the only pieces of software that you share with your parents as well as your kids. Which makes sense, they're our doorway to the most important things — through them we socialize with loved ones, work on our passion projects, and explore our curiosities. But on their own, they don’t actually do a whole lot, they’re kind of just there. They don’t help us organize our messy lives or make it easier to compose our ideas. We believe that the browser could do so much more — it can empower and support the amazing things we do on the internet. That’s why we’re building one: a browser that can help us grow, create, and stay curious.
To accomplish this lofty task, we’re building a diverse team of people from different backgrounds and experiences. This isn’t optional, it’s crucial to our mission, as we need a wide range of perspectives to challenge our assumptions and shape our browser through a bold, creative lens.
With that in mind, we especially encourage women, people of color, and others from historically marginalized groups to apply.

About the Storytelling Team

The Storytelling Team at The Browser Company focuses on growth. Growth of Arc’s member base, of our brand, of our voice in the industry. Equal parts art and science, this team is responsible for dreaming up fresh and unconventional ways of introducing Arc to millions of people around the world. We believe that one day The Browser Company will be mentioned in the same sentence as companies like Nike, Apple, Disney. The Storytelling Team’s mission is to get us there.

About The Role

As one of the first Storytelling Growth hires at The Browser Company, you’ll have the opportunity to join us in shaping this next phase of our go-to-market and our company. From campaigns to community, SEO to referrals, product launches to influencer strategies you’ll develop and execute on experiments geared towards uncovering new avenues for growth and scaling our wonderful, global member base.

Overall you will...

  • Dream up and execute on growth experiments. Identify opportunities for repeatable growth across new or existing platforms, channels, or communities and develop rapid prototypes to validate, and eventually productize them.
  • Grow our presence in existing niches. Run campaigns to scale our presence in communities where we already have passionate Arc champions — like students, designers, influencers.
  • Drive funnel optimizations. Work closely with Data to develop and test hypotheses on optimizing our acquisition channels, from website, to email campaigns, SEO and more.
  • Create product growth moments. Collaborate with Brand and Product to turn large product launches into creative and fun public growth moments.

You're excited about...

  • Being highly autonomous. You love to dream up big projects and see them through, with exquisite attention to the details along the way.
  • Finding the stories in the numbers. You’re driven by data but also love to find the story in the numbers, turning a small insight into a larger Storytelling opportunity.
  • Owning execution. As a core part of our Storytelling team, you enjoy executing projects end-to-end, from logistics to copywriting for experiments and campaigns.
  • Being inspired by different industries. As the Storytelling team, we aspire to bring something different to our broader industry. You love to seek creative and human inspiration from outside of tech, and may even be joining us from a different industry!

Compensation and Benefits

With our flexible compensation model, employees have the ability to design their compensation according to their needs. People join startups for different reasons and we want to be accommodating and flexible to everyone’s lives. Every candidate approved for an offer receives two options:
✉️ The first offer is a lower salary with a higher equity package
✉️ The second is a higher salary with a lower equity package.
Candidates can choose either option or anywhere in between the two on a sliding scale. The annual salary range for this role is $142,000-$190,000 USD, and the actual salary range offered will vary based on experience level and interview performance.
In addition to a competitive salary and equity package, we provide every employee with:
- comprehensive benefits package, with employee medical, dental, and vision premiums covered at 100%
- 401k plan
- flexible vacation policy, with a recommended minimum of 20 days off (no maximum!)
- 12 weeks of paid parental leave
- $1,500 USD home office stipend
- Employees based in the US also receive free annual memberships to One Medical, Talkspace, Teladoc, and HealthAdvocate
The Browser Company is a well funded, ambitious startup of about 60 people (and growing!) who are passionate about building great products. We are a remote-first, distributed team, with the option to work in office in New York. We strongly support diversity and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.

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Jan 04, 2024

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Nov 05, 2023

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Salary: 142k-190k USD

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Open to candidates from all countries.

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About The Browser Company

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At the Browser Company, we're building a better way to use the Internet.

When we think about browsing the internet, we often ignore the browser itself. Instead, we think about all the things we do online—the articles we read, the emails we send, the shows we watch. The software that enables it all, the browser, is so ubiquitous that it’s ignored.

Despite the ways our internet use has evolved, the browser has remained relatively unchanged. While all of our other software tools are changing for the better—with more collaborative features, flexible interfaces, and powerful functionality—the browser largely still does what it did twenty-five years ago.

What’s more, we blame ourselves for the browser’s shortcomings. When our browser has an overwhelming number of tabs, we call ourselves inefficient; when we get distracted online, we tell ourselves we need more discipline; when we can’t find a url, we think we’re disorganized. Why does the browser get a free pass?

That’s why we’re building a new browser, which we call Arc, because we believe browsers can do so much more to empower us. We’re imagining a browser that can think as quickly as we do, take work off of our plates, and pull our creativity forward. A browser equipped for the way we use the internet in 2022, and foundational for how we hope to use it in the future.

Our Team

We’re a team of founders who sold their last company, ex-Instagram engineers, former Heads of Design at Tesla and Medium, multiple Google Chrome alums, a founding engineer of Amazon S3, alumni from Snap, Slack and Pinterest, and so many other people who have done it before.


Beyond our team, we’re lucky to be supported by our family and friends, as well as investors who played a role in some of our favorite software companies over the years. We’ve raised over $17 million dollars from a diverse group that includes the founders of Instagram, Stripe, Twitter, Zoom, Figma, and LinkedIn. We’re always grateful for new perspectives and shared learnings from experience.



One of our favorite questions! Which I’m going to answer with another question: How many pieces of software do you, your mailman and your cool younger cousin have in common? It’s probably something like texting, video calls, maybe maps, and, (you guessed it) your browser!

The browser is one of the most universal pieces of technology, but despite how many hours per day we spend online, no one is super passionate about their browser of choice. That leaves a lot of room for opportunity. We don’t want to simply change the browser, we want to reimagine it completely.

It may seem cheesy but sometimes we say, “we want to be to the web browser, what the iPhone was to the cell phone.” It is not just a “better browser” or “better phone” — it’s about creating something dramatically new and more powerful.

It is definitely ambitious, I mean our competitors include some of the heaviest of the heavy weights in tech. But this is also what drives us! Not many markets can take a swing as big as a browser can and if we do it well, we have the rare opportunity to define all of our careers.


Of course, no start-up is a sure thing, but we feel good about our odds. We have some advantages on our side:

  • Our two founders sold their last company.

  • We’ve raised over $17 million dollars from a group of very cool people who we like (and not just because they gave us money), including the founders of Instagram, Stripe, Twitter, Zoom, Figma, and LinkedIn.

  • Our team includes four ex-Instagram engineers, former Heads of Design at Tesla and Medium, multiple Google Chrome alums, a founding engineer of Amazon S3, alumni from Snap and Pinterest, and so many other people who have done it before.

  • We already have a product in the wild with best-in-class retention, and a feature set that can effectively replace any traditional browser.

  • We have been told that we have one of the most diverse teams and investor cap table compared to other startups around our stage. This isn’t just a nice values plus — Because browsers are so universal, having a team that reflects the diversity of the real world is a big need for our product.


Totally get that! Working at a startup is definitely a risk, no question, but we honestly do our best to alleviate those risks as best we can.

  • To start, most startups raise enough money to stay alive 18 months. We have raised much more than that so we aren’t at risk of running out of money anytime soon – many years of “runway” in the bank!

  • We don’t want anyone to miss out on family or friends time, we have a handful of parents on the team as well! We offer a very flexible working hours situation where you can work whenever makes sense for you!


They’re fantastic. Everyone on the team is kind and humble (traits that we look for in any new hire).

You could probably get the best picture of The Browser Company by us letting the team speak for themselves.

Like Alexandra’s thread reflecting on her first year at the company, Christine’s thread on her first month, or Victoria’s essay about why she finds creating a new browser so exciting.


We are reimagining the browser, a tool for every person on the planet, so a diverse team is not optional; it’s vital to our success.

We adamantly believe we have a long way to go, but we’re happy to be at least above average so far, not just for startups but also for the tech industry.

Here is a snapshot of our company demographics as of October 2021:

  • Our company in general is 45% women, engineering is 35% women.

  • In terms of racial demographics (per the General Data Protection Regulation EU law, we don’t report on race and ethnicity data for employees outside the US) our company is around 55% White, 15% South Asian, 15% Two or more races, 10% Black, and 5% South East Asian.

Employee benefits

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Retirement benefits

401(k) plan to help you invest in your future.

Equity benefits

Every employee gets equity, so you are rewarded for your best work.

Best in the Biz Insurance

We provide employees with full coverage medical, vision, and dental insurance and a free One Medical membership to help you keep you and your family healthy. We cover 100% of employee plan costs and up to 90% for dependents.

Napping During the Workday

Some of us are better in the mornings, others are more productive in the afternoon. People should take breaks when they need to. If you’re on our team, we trust you to get your work done — our policy is: work when it makes sense for you!

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