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Head of Computational Biology

Rarebase is a public benefit corporation pioneering a new approach to biotech - partnering across rare and ultra-rare disease foundations to identify commonalities and develop effective therapeutics and discovery platforms.




Rarebase is a public benefit corporation pioneering a new approach to biotech - partnering across rare and ultra-rare disease foundations to identify commonalities and develop effective therapeutics and discovery platforms. We're a passionate team focused on pushing the boundaries of translational science to help families and patient communities identify and develop new therapeutics with the highest probability of success. Our team has developed an exciting portfolio in partnership with over 20 rare disease foundations, with a major emphasis on childhood onset neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Opportunity

As our team's first Head of Computational Biology, you will be responsible for establishing the computational infrastructure and methodology for analyzing high throughput transcriptomic, imaging, functional and clinical datasets to identify promising candidates for therapeutic development. You will serve as a key member of our core team and leadership team, building programs from the ground up and helping to move them into the clinic. Your role will help to grow existing target discovery efforts to incorporate additional data types and novel analysis methods; work toward identifying clinically relevant disease subtypes and associated therapeutic targets; and contribute to ongoing therapeutic development programs.

What you’ll do

  • Set up internal pipelines and tools in order to analyze and interpret data from DRUG-seq, bulk RNA-seq, single cell RNA-seq, CROP-seq, and ATAC-seq assays

  • Combine sequencing datasets with additional high-content datasets, including microscopy and functional high throughput screening assays, and clinical datasets

  • Develop clear data analysis visualizations, and simple databases to organize and present the above results

  • Perform large-scale integrated analyses of public and proprietary datasets for target identification and validation

  • Collaborate with a cross functional team and external vendors to design and execute genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics experiments

  • Communicate data and scientific results to both internal and external audiences and advise on analytical and statistical best practices

What you’ll bring

  • Advanced degree (or equivalent experience) in computational biology, bioinformatics, statistics, or other scientific field that has relevance to high-dimensional biological data

  • 5+ years’ experience (industry or academic)

  • Demonstrated success developing and applying statistical and computational methods for analyzing and interpreting diverse transcriptomics experiments, including DRUG-seq and/or CROP-seq experiments

  • Creativity in seeking opportunities to tackle drug discovery challenges at scale across a wide area of disorders

  • Deep knowledge of pipelines and best practices for analyzing genomics and transcriptomics data and diverse modern applications of sequencing technologies (including various high throughput and single cell applications)

  • Experience collaborating with other scientists and cross-functional team members

  • Extensive experience in the use of a high-level programming language (particularly R or Python)

  • A demonstrated ability to understand scientific needs from multiple R&D functions and a drive to bring complex projects to successful conclusion

  • You are fluent with modern Linux, HPC, and cloud environments; R/RStudio or Python/pandas for data analysis, visualization, and statistics; and source control tools such as GitHub/Bitbucket

  • Experience with Connectivity Map methods and analysis is a plus

What we offer

  • An opportunity to work closely with patients and patient research organizations on translational research

  • Work with a passionate team on shaping the future of the life science field, using technology and new financing models

  • Based in California, we are building this team remote-first – after the pandemic we will offer frequent team off-sites

  • Premium health and dental insurance

  • Competitive salary and equity in a growing, well-funded startup

  • Generous vacation policy

About this role

February 3rd, 2022

August 2nd, 2021

Full Time

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About Rarebase

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Rarebase is a public benefit corporation pioneering a new approach to biotech. We partner with patient organizations on translational therapeutic discovery and development.

Therapeutic development has to align with the needs of patients.

Rarebase is a public benefit corporation pioneering a new approach to biotech. We currently partner with over 15 patient organizations and families on translational therapeutic discovery and development.

We develop a liberated set of tools and resources to expedite therapeutic discovery.

The bottleneck for rare disease therapeutics is resource aggregation. ​Where gaps exist, we create new research assets - at cost and with extreme efficiency - and distribute them broadly to ensure that they are easily accessible to an organization’s entire scientific network.

We create a modality-agnostic research roadmap to get treatments to the clinic.

Leveraging our network of expert scientists, specialist laboratories, and leading biotechnology companies, we evaluate all feasible therapeutic approaches in parallel. We prioritize those that can be rapidly translated to the clinic regardless of future commercial upside.

The technology or drug to solve a disease may already be out there.

Our platform identifies intra-disease relationships that can benefit from similar or equal approaches or technologies. We continuously expand our knowledge base and know-how in every disease we are working on.

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