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Business Development Director (Member Services and Strategy Consulting)

MotionHall is a Silicon Valley technology company first and this sets us apart.

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MotionHall is looking to hire candidates prepared to lead as next generation business development strategy consultants in the life sciences.

This role is well suited to an ambitious early career professional with some exposure to traditional methods of working close to life sciences transactions (such as in investment banking) and who is interested in innovative approaches to informing transactions that are high-leverage for human beings in a world rapidly modernizing around AI technology.

Due to the technology-enabled nature of work at MotionHall, you will enjoy efficiency gains that allow you to achieve more and gain greater exposure to the biopharma market without working the long hours typical in investment banking or traditional strategy consulting firms.

We pride ourselves on a healthy and supportive work environment where ambitious people can develop their career potential.

Career Pathing:

Natural career paths following a tour of duty in this role include opportunities in:

  • Senior Strategy Consulting and Transactions Advisory;
  • Venture, Private Equity and Investment Banking;
  • Exposure to the skills and toolsets to be an effective biotech CEO, CBO or to lead in Licensing or Corporate Development at a pharmaceutical company; and/or
  • Operations Company Leadership.

As MotionHall Business Development Director (Member Services and Strategy Consulting) you will:

Learn, teach and guide senior leadership teams in applying MotionHall tools, methods and philosophies towards company value inflection points levered on business development excellence, including:

  • Applying a market lens to platform and asset go-to-market including selection of initial markets, market segmentation and indication and/or target and/or asset prioritization.
  • Applying the business development lens to portfolio management including asset development decisions and planning of licensing and MA timing such as to likelihood of maximizing company share value and/or achieve other company strategic goals impacted by business development and partnering.
  • Partnering market analysis and approach planning, including discussions of deal comparables, competitive landscape and partnering market composition and application of a series of research-backed, best practices for achieving ideal market outcomes in each individual scenario.
  • Effective outreach, outreach best practices and effective internal navigation of companies.
  • Market Development planning as needed to achieve desired deal outcomes.
  • Assistance guiding and directing the creation of company materials as informed by MotionHall’s Model, Platform and expert Methodology including partnering presentation decks, data room construction and other materials as required to support our membership.
  • Act as a direct resource to MotionHall clients and members throughout the engagement by facilitating and leading portions of client meetings from initial contact through to success, according to project requirements.
  • Work directly and in close concert with MotionHall’s Strategy Consulting team, Scientific and Business Analyst team, with interface points to the MotionHall Engineering, Product and Data Science teams.
  • This role has significant exposure to senior leadership at MotionHall including CEO Rachael Craig, Managing Director Biotechnology Mark Beards, SVP Partnering Relationship Intelligence, Danielle Lovell, and Industry Veteran and Board Member Rod Ferguson.
  • Work within a technology-enabled remote-first team environment, and travel for conferences and events where applicable.


Required Qualifications:

  • Ph.D or Master’s Degree or equivalent in an applicable health sciences discipline.
  • 2-4 years experience supporting senior executives or consultants in leading in life sciences transactions strategy and execution, or other relevant project-based work experience.
  • This role requires flawless written English, a high ability to work with meticulous attention to detail, and a desire to assure responsiveness and quality in all interactions with biotech and pharmaceutical customers.
  • Business research and analysis experience, with demonstrated ability to read data and draw accurate, logical conclusions.
  • Demonstrated experience working and presenting to senior business leaders, including CEO and Board. You will be required at times to deliver bad news to senior industry leaders, say no, receive intense criticism, and throughout maintain frame, kindness and professionalism without faltering on the critical points that will lead to their eventual success.
  • Demonstrated ability to be a kind, humble and effective team player deserving of the high-trust environment you will be working in. This includes operating with transparency to senior leadership, and with respect and kindness to junior colleagues and executive assistants. You must share mistakes with clarity of mind and delegate efficiently to your supporting team. If you cannot be trustworthy, humble and kind we will fire you at our earliest awareness without hesitation or regret.
  • Alignment with our mission to serve and support biopharmaceutical leaders with best-in-class tools and strategies to meet their business development goals.

The following characteristics are not required, but valued for this role:

  • Fluency in Chinese Mandarin;
  • Experience closing venture, licensing and/or MA deals as a supporting player to the deal leader and negotiator;
  • Interest and/or exposure to entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley technology companies, or other innovation environments;
  • High, impact-oriented, ambition.
  • Experience working in a Silicon Valley technology startup environment.
Location: You may live in any suitable global location for this role.


  • Take on mission-driven work that pairs doing good with doing well. The work you do will have a real impact on the success of our customers, their companies and people everywhere as we work together to bring the best new treatments for cancer, Alzheimer’s, childhood illness and other diseases to the patients who need them.
  • We look for our team to invest in the future with us, and we invest in our team to build that future. During your interview, we’ll want to talk about how we can help you meet and exceed your professional goals and our entire team will be in your corner as you grow.
  • Flexible compensation plans that include competitive salary and equity options, plus three weeks vacation and health benefits.

MotionHall is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops individuals of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all applicants.

Location: You may live in any suitable global location for this role.

About MotionHall:

MotionHall is a Silicon Valley technology company and startup founded by graduates in neuroscience and computer science. MotionHall is venture financed by Village Global, a fund backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg to advance improvements in healthcare. MotionHall’s customers are global bio pharmaceutical companies actively engaged in the research and development of new medicines, vaccines, drugs and diagnostics.

MotionHall’s mission is to bring promising life sciences breakthroughs to patients faster and at lower cost.

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July 26th, 2023

May 27th, 2023

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MotionHall leads in deal enablement for global biopharmaceutical companies actively engaged in the research and development of new medicines, vaccines, drugs and diagnostics. Founded by Dalhousie alums in neuroscience and computer science, we are a venture-backed, Silicon Valley technology company and growth-stage startup supported by Village Global; a network-driven fund backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg to advance improvements in healthcare.

At MotionHall, we believe in the power of small teams to achieve great things. Leveraged on top of technology, teammates at MotionHall work to maintain a team as small and high-powered as possible so that we can assure quality and agility in results for our membership. Our small but powerful team consists of just 30 teammates spanning every major pharmaceutical geography.

Our mission is to bring promising life sciences breakthroughs to patients faster and at lower cost.

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Equity benefits

Equity benefits

Flexible compensation plans that include competitive salary and equity options.

Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits

We provide great health benefits.

Paid vacation

Paid vacation

3 weeks vacation per year.

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