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    Tech stack

    80 tech stacks

    Muvi is the world’s only OTT platform, using which you can launch your own-branded video/audio streaming service instantly. Muvi includes everything from cloud hosting, CDN, Security, Payment gateway, to Mobile & TV apps, all out-of-the-box and fully-managed. Just one CMS to control every functioning - content library, subscriptions, monetizations, policies, watermarking and more. No coding is required neither IT team support.

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    Tech stack

    36 tech stacks

    Uscreen is the world’s leading video monetization platform. We help thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, coaches, entertainment companies, and various other experts launch their own video-on-demand streaming service and make money selling videos online. Think of it as building your own “Netflix”. We are a lean startup but are fully independent, privately held, and profitable.We are a SaaS company with an agile, but structured environment.

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    Tech stack

    28 tech stacks

    At BeBanjo, we strive to make our customers great at putting video content online. We build easy to use, powerful web applications to manage video-on-demand (VOD) services. Our customers are broadcasters, Hollywood studios and platform operators in Europe, the US and Australia. They include BT TV, Channel 5, Orange, BBC Studios and Turner, to name a few. We believe we offer the best products in the world for companies running large VOD services.

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