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    Catalyst is the world's most intuitive Customer Success Platform (CSP), built by an experienced group of industry leaders. Previously, our founder built an effective Customer Success organization for one of the fastest growing cloud companies in the world. Catalyst integrates with all the tools you’re already using to provide one centralized view of customer data. Customer Success Managers can proactively take the right actions to prevent churn, such as receiving automated alerts when a customer is not using certain features that are critical to their success.

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    Would you like to work for a startup that prioritises work-life balance with 4 day weeks for a full-time salary? Founded during the pandemic, SEOMG! has grown to a team of 11 in less than two years, and was crowned ‘Best SEO Agency (under 25 staff)’ at the UK Search Awards. We offer flexibility on working hours and you can choose to work from home when needed or join the team in our office with gorgeous sea views on Palmeira Square.

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