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Hi, we are Grape, the next big thing in messaging.



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47k-70k USD

Hi, we are Grape, the next big thing in messaging. With us, you won't be joining a company, you will embark on a journey – from startup to market leader. This means that we look for people with a particular set of skills.

Who are we looking for?

  • People who see seemingly impossible odds and get excited to overcome them.
  • Resilient go-getters that stay positive, even when things don't go as planned.
  • Open-minded individuals who teams look forward to working with every day.
  • Self starters who sink their teeth in to find solutions no one thought of.
  • Experts who value ownership and are proud of their achievements.

If this speaks to you and you're ready to be part of a rocket taking-off, join us.

Work smart

We are human beings, which means two things: It's important to balance work and life and avoid redundant tasks. We automate and simplify to improve every aspect of our business. Our goal is, to reach a 4-day work week across the company in 2021.

Own it

We trust in our team and its abilities, keeping both the small and big picture in mind. Zoomed in, you focus on and take pride in your tasks, no matter if you're setting up a new process or getting ice cream for the team. Zoomed out, you see your role in the company's success and find where you can improve your output. 

Seek clarity

At Grape, we believe in seeking to understand and then to be understood. Listening and to giving feedback constructively saves time and grief. Each team as a whole and the relationships within it matter. Constantly improving on those is a key to success and creating a workplace we all want to come to every day.

A typical day at Grape

  • Some people come in quite early, but we start our core work time at 10 AM (GMT+1 - Vienna Time) with our standup meetings to organise the day.
  • Usually we gather around the coffee machine for our fix (except our CTO Stefan, who prefers water). We have an amazing portafilter espresso machine with excellent beans from around the world.
  • We work in rooms of 2-5 people and go out for side discussions to keep the focus up as much as possible. 
  • Most of us go out for lunch together (our office is located in an awesome part of Vienna, called "Josefstadt") or order something to the office. We try to avoid work discussions on our lunch break.
  • Back at the office, it's crunch time and some of the best output happens, once we had a bit of distance from the computers on our lunch breaks.
  • We work at least until 3PM (the early birds fly out earlier) depending on the workload. Sometimes we stick around to chill and chat or we go out together.

How we develop

We only have meetings with a clear agenda, we plan ahead so you can focus on coding and we listen to your feedback to adapt to your needs.

A few Important parts are

  • Code Reviews: No code reaches production without a second pair of eyes
  • Finish what you started: starting a ticket means finishing it, no matter what.
  • Tests: Test driven development is an absolute must-have. If you don’t know how it works, we will help you learn it. Tech Lead, Riccardo: “We don’t have time to not write tests”.
  • Code Quality: Your code quality must be to your highest standards. If you feel unsure of how to solve something in a good way, ask your smart colleagues to help you find a proper common design pattern to solve your problem. 
  • Pair Programming is very welcome
  • Documentation: in code and off-code

Day-to-day goals


Help triage bugs / estimate feature requests and refine requirements.


Implementing the features with our design guidelines in accordance with our UX design


Thrive for the best solution - The team discusses and tries to find the best possible way when we build software. Your opinion is valued.


Support others by pair programming or code reviewing



- 2+ years experience developing native Android apps with Java (this means at least Mid-Level)
- Know how to turn UI design into code
- Experience with common software design patterns (MVC, MVVM, standard Java design patterns)
- Know how to write clean and maintainable code
- Know how to manage dependencies (Gradle)


- RXJava experience
- Own app published on the App Store
- Experience with cross-platform development
- Experience with other platforms like iOS


- Native Android App
- Java
- Gradle

A few Libraries we use

- EventBus
- Retrofit
- Firebase
- JitsiMeet
- Autobahn

Other tools we use

- Jira
- Gitlab / GitHub

About this role

October 29th, 2021

February 12th, 2021

Full Time

Icons/design/feather/dollar sign

47k-70k USD

-11.00 -11.00
-10.00 -10.00
-9.50 -9.50
-9.00 -9.00
-8.00 -8.00
-7.00 -7.00
-6.00 -6.00
-5.00 -5.00
-4.00 -4.00
-3.50 -3.50
-3.00 -3.00
-2.00 -2.00
-1.00 -1.00
0.00 0.00
1.00 1.00
2.00 2.00
3.00 3.00
3.50 3.50
4.00 4.00
4.50 4.50
5.00 5.00
5.50 5.50
5.75 5.75
6.00 6.00
6.50 6.50
7.00 7.00
8.00 8.00
8.75 8.75
9.00 9.00
9.50 9.50
10.00 10.00
10.50 10.50
11.00 11.00
12.00 12.00
12.75 12.75
13.00 13.00
14.00 14.00

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Meet the world's fastest enterprise business chat.

Grape is a smart communication solution that connects and integrates all your services and data. It provides our users with a hyper-intelligent auto-complete, that attaches all their issues, calendars and files automatically, right as they type. That’s how we save each user at least an hour of time per week, it’s how we revolutionize business communication, and it’s how we allow other startups, to invest their time more efficiently into future products that’ll change the world.

About Grape

Grape is the result of an extensive R&D project, aimed at improving corporate communication.

  • Developed in partnership with the Austrian Foundation of Artificial Intelligence. (ÖFAI) 

  • In cooperation with SBA, a leading research center focused exclusively on Information Security (SBA) 

  • Conducted a large PcW study on Unified Messaging and corporate communication in Europe. 

  • Patents in data-integration and indexing of third-party databases, as well as natural-language-processing. 

The Grape Team

Grape is an Austrian Tech-Startup from Vienna, consisting of a development- and a sales- and marketing-team. Our mission is to solve complex business problems with elegant, intuitive solutions. Our indexAPI search engine processes millions of datasets every day and allows people to search their business faster and easier than ever before.

Tech stack

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