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Meet the world's fastest enterprise business chat.

Grape is a smart communication solution that connects and integrates all your services and data. It provides our users with a hyper-intelligent auto-complete, that attaches all their issues, calendars and files automatically, right as they type. That’s how we save each user at least an hour of time per week, it’s how we revolutionize business communication, and it’s how we allow other startups, to invest their time more efficiently into future products that’ll change the world.

About Grape

Grape is the result of an extensive R&D project, aimed at improving corporate communication.

  • Developed in partnership with the Austrian Foundation of Artificial Intelligence. (ÖFAI) 

  • In cooperation with SBA, a leading research center focused exclusively on Information Security (SBA) 

  • Conducted a large PcW study on Unified Messaging and corporate communication in Europe. 

  • Patents in data-integration and indexing of third-party databases, as well as natural-language-processing. 

The Grape Team

Grape is an Austrian Tech-Startup from Vienna, consisting of a development- and a sales- and marketing-team. Our mission is to solve complex business problems with elegant, intuitive solutions. Our indexAPI search engine processes millions of datasets every day and allows people to search their business faster and easier than ever before.

Learn about the technology and tools that uses.

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Retrofit, GitHub, GitLab, Google Analytics, and Jira are some of the popular tools that uses. Learn more about the Application Utilities, Development, Analytics, and Collaboration in's Tech Stack.


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