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Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history.




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Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history. Nothing will deliver a higher quality of life upgrade in the next decade. The biggest challenge is in providing the core infrastructure that makes going remote easy for companies. Firstbase helps companies setup, manage, maintain and retrieve all the physical equipment remote workers need to do great work at home.

We're a small and fully distributed team, currently spanning from the US to Belgium and we take pride in our ability to function as an effective remote-first organization. We offer market-rate salaries (including equity), a home office (via Firstbase), insurance, as many books as you could ever hope to read, and a tight-knit group of people passionate about creating for the future of work.

The Role

Whereabouts: Fully remote

Salary: competitive salary and bonus plus equity

Reporting to: VP of Sales

Senior members of the Customer Success team are responsible for managing and growing our largest client accounts. You are committed to winning, making customers happy and identifying and taking advantage of the untapped growth potential within our customer base.

What You’ll Do

  • Establish consultative and trusted relationships with clients

  • Ensure client expectations are exceeded consistently

  • Drive upsell opportunities into Firstbase's existing client base

  • Transition new clients into the company seamlessly and create consistent process across all clients

  • Develop best practices and process strategies that can be shared across the team

  • Understand client business goals and anticipate future needs to deliver optimal solutions

  • Drive planning sessions to ensure client is able to fully leverage Firstbase to meet their operational goals

  • Conduct quarterly business reviews and check in points with key clients

  • Elicit client feedback on product to then act as internal advocate for our clients

  • Communicate regularly with the customer to evaluate satisfaction and escalate any areas of concern

What You Have

  • BA/BS degree or similar university level education; in lieu of degree, relevant skills or equivalent experience

  • 5-7 years of customer relationship management experience, preferably in SaaS

  • Track record of success in managing, retaining and growing revenue across a broad book of client accounts

  • Superior client service and relationship skills

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Experience in data analysis and Excel work

  • Leadership in developing world class client presentations/QBR leadership

  • Ability to thrive in a fast pace environment with tight deadlines

  • Die hard drive to make clients successful

We’re committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourage you to apply regardless of your location, background, race, gender, sexual orientation or any other personally defining attribute. We encourage every person who is interested to apply. We’re imperfect communicators, so think of our job postings as the starting point for discussion rather than proof that you shouldn’t apply. Take the leap - you never know, you might just be the perfect person for one of our open roles, even if you don’t match 100% of the job description.

About this role

January 28th, 2022

August 1st, 2021

Full Time

To apply, you must have a permit to work in this country.
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About Firstbase

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Firstbase is the easiest way to setup, scale and manage all the equipment your remote team needs at home.

We missed our kids walking, laughing and talking for the first time.‍

We realised the need for Firstbase in our last startup. We decided to be remote for a number of reasons – but most importantly we saw it as a massive quality of life upgrade.

Chris had been working away from home a lot. He missed his daughter walking, laughing and talking for the first time. When we founded our own business we wanted to be there to see them grow up and have more time for the people we cared about most.

At the same time, we knew we'd be far more talented and cost efficient. We would be constrained to hiring the best person we could afford in a 30-mile radius of a physical location; we could attract the best people in the world for every single role.

So we became a remote team.

Then immediately started experiencing significant challenges and obstacles with operating that way. Something we were incredibly passionate about was providing a great remote work experience for our team. We recognised immediately how expensive and time consuming that was. Things wouldn't turn up, people would leave, it all led to a terrible experience for everyone. Without the right tools and equipment it is incredibly difficult to be as safe, comfortable and productive at home as you would be in an office.

Our Why

Putting our heads together, we set out to solve this problem for ourselves. Firstbase emerged from our desire to provide our team with the best remote work experience on the planet.

Our prior experience meant this was a problem we were uniquely placed to solve incredibly well. Chris spent 3 years putting the same physical equipment we were giving to our remote workers in the most challenging and remote environments on the planet. Trey managed the deployment, support and training of mission critical cyber security systems and technical infrastructure for the US Airforce in the most challenging environments globally.

From there, we began mentioning 'Firstbase' to friends building remote teams. We heard the same things we already experienced and we knew it was a massive problem for them as well. We launched Firstbase in late September 2019 and began building out the product.

Our Future

Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history and nothing will deliver a higher quality of life increase in the next decade than this. Workers having more freedom, autonomy and trust to decide their work schedule, able to operate when they are most productive rather than a fixed day, enables a far better future of work than the one we currently experience.

Firstbase empowers companies to deliver this to their workers increasing the quality of life of anyone who goes remote on our platform. We make companies more efficient and talented while empowering workers to live their best life while producing the best work they ever have.

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Chris Herd

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