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Emmet Halm and Lucas Chu

Icons/design/feather/country/us United States
Icons/design/feather/country/in India
Icons/design/feather/country/ng Nigeria
Icons/design/feather/country/hn Honduras

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Online platform that connects hospitality businesses and professionals.

Highlight is a global, remote, high-performing team looking for seasoned professionals who share our vision of bringing the promise of crypto/web3 to the mainstream.

Triplebyte is a hiring marketplace used by companies like Apple, Dropbox, Stripe and Instacart to hire the best technical talent.

SFOX is a better way to trade digital currencies, offering the best price and deepest liquidity with a single point of access to global cryptocurrency markets.

Vervoe's mission is to make hiring about merit, not background.

CoinTracker enables seamless cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and tax compliance.

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