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Convictional, the first B2B Trade Enablement Network, is looking for world-class talent to join our remote-first North American team.




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Convictional, the first B2B Trade Enablement Network, is looking for world-class talent to join our remote-first North American team.

About us

Convictional is a Y-Combinator-backed start-up building an industry-leading solution for B2B trade. We exist to make trade easier for buyers and their suppliers in B2B transactions by automating the traditionally labour-intensive B2B process.

Our team is entrepreneurial, with a bias for action. We never back down from a spirited debate and believe we are all responsible for exploring the hard questions. We value self-awareness and meaningful impact. We are open to unconventional approaches, and have learned not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Your time is your most valuable resource, so you set your hours. We do not use chat and default to zero meetings. We document everything. We expect you to go to coaching or therapy at least occasionally and adhere to 10% compound time.

About the role

Convictional is looking to hire Software Engineers at various levels of seniority.

If you can develop and maintain features, enjoy challenges of reliability and scalability, and can be effective cross-functionally to deliver on commitments to customers, this is probably a good fit. If you like free beer, standups, and active management, this is not a good fit.

Our engineers are systems thinkers and futurists who see opportunity everywhere. They are conscientious but still revel in taking intelligent risks. They are proficient in something other than engineering (e.g. technical writing, solutioning, product marketing) and have demonstrated commitment to learning and self-awareness.

Our software engineers are working on EDI translation, API development, product-native onboarding, and building out our feature set. All engineers contribute to support interactions.


As long as you have at least 2 years of professional experience as a software engineer (not including co-ops), we really don’t care how you’ve amassed it. You definitely don’t need to have a degree - our CEO barely finished high school - though we’ve found systems engineers tend to have an outsized impact. If you can write high quality code aimed at business users, we want to talk to you.


If this doesn’t sound like you, but you believe you have something to contribute, tell us why in an email. We will read it, and we will reply to you with thoughtful feedback about whether or not you may be a good fit for us.

Drop us a line or share your resume at [email protected]

About this role

February 2nd, 2022

July 24th, 2021

Full Time

To apply, you must have a permit to work in this country.
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About Convictional

Learn about Convictional and their company culture.

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Convictional’s vision is to Build the Operating System for B2B Trade. We are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors including Y Combinator. Convictional has been featured in Forbes and was named as a Top 10 Y Combinator startup in their Winter 2019 batch (out of 205 startups).

Each year, trillions of dollars worth of GMV flow between suppliers and buyers. Without B2B commerce, retail and supply chain wouldn't exist as we know it today. The problem is that most B2B commerce flows through antiquated technology that was invented following WWII – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Despite progress in B2C commerce, technology that enables B2B commerce remains woefully behind the times. Convictional is changing all of that for both sides of a B2B transaction.

Convictional is rebuilding B2B commerce infrastructure, starting with ecommerce marketplaces. Today, our platform enables companies to launch ecommerce marketplaces by helping them onboard and integrate with third-party brands.

Tech stack

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Roger Kirkness

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