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BB Agency is a full-service creative agency specialised in crafting human — centric digital experiences.

Our specialized team of designers, developers, illustrators and project managers work with streamlined processes to break through organizational roadblocks. We translate research into solutions, crafting thoughtful and unified brands, apps, websites, interfaces and systems.

Our clients are the companies and startups who make the world go round – they treat diseases, move parcels, insure cars, process payments, create jobs, rent homes and publish news. Vast and complex businesses like these need digital experiences that are just as people-friendly as they are robust and scalable.

Through challenging core assumptions, we shape the products and services that improve the lives of thousands every single day.


BB Agency was founded in 2012 — by two brothers on Island Krk, Croatia. What started as a side gig, through the years turned into a fully remote digital agency with 20 members and collaborators working together from Croatia, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Slovakia, Philippines, Lithuania, and the United States to provide a valuable global perspective on our work.

We designed our way across 99designs and later on to the Dribbble Top 20 teams in the world. We’ve been privileged to work with startups, SME's, corporations, and fortune 500 companies all over the world.

The combined valuation of organizations we’ve partnered with is ~$250B, including corporations like Progressive, BNP Paribas, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Deloitte, and SME’s like ShipBob, Wibbitz, Assembly Payments, Rainmaking, Sendlane, and Teachable.

Job description

As part of the BB Agency, your main challenge will be to lead projects through various phases of research, design and development. Main goal is to prepare, coordinate and monitor the project during its life cycle.

You will work closely with an internal project owner, and the designers and developers who design and build the product. You will work closely with client to properly coordinate their involvement through documentation, emails, time sheets and meetings.

You will be working with various digital tools like: Asana, Paper docs, Slack, Zoom, Hubstaff, etc.

What will you be doing?

A quick overview of what you will be doing on a daily basis:

Project setup

  • Creating a project timeline based on the project proposal.
  • Updating/initiating any tools to reflect the project (Asana, Slack, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Scheduling kick-off and weekly meetings with the clients (calendar invites).
  • Sending client intro emails and client homework.

Project maintenance

  • Coordinate weekly client meetings.
  • Keep watch over the project timeline and any shifts in expectation.
  • Address challenges around scope, late client feedback, anything that could derail progress and needs a heavy voice.
  • Document and take notes in meetings, review timesheets, per project.
  • Organize the whole project documentation with weekly reviews, client feedbacks, time sheets, etc.
  • Daily communication with team leads, project owners, and team members involved into the project.

Post project

  • Setting up debrief meetings
  • Archiving project from all software
  • Preparing a project handover

Who are we searching for?

We are searching for a person that aligns with our core values, has empathy to offer support to the client, yet is assertive enough to properly communicate any potential issues and keep the project life cycle in check. Ideally you have at least 2 years of experience in digital project management.

You are:

  • A native english speaker, or at least a very fluent english speaker.
  • Organized, you have a sense of priorities and attention to detail.
  • Autonomous and responsive, good interpersonal skills and quality of communication.
  • You are independent and will solve problems by taking matters into your hands, if needed. You are a doer.
  • You are transparent and honest, and don’t shy away from disagreements.
  • You have a good understanding of a standard agency workflow. Preferably you worked in an agency, or tech company and know the dynamic of the digital project management.
  • You are sympathetic, relaxed but also comfortable in confrontational situations.
  • You’re a conceptual thinker who can translate customer needs, behaviours, and project requirements.
  • You are a good team player and can lead team meetings and requirements.
  • You have basic knowledge of design and development processes.
  • You use Digital Tools efficiently.

You are also interested in (bonus round):

  • UX and human centric design thinking.
  • You’ve got a keen eye for details.
  • You want to create digital products that matter. If you get excited by building tech that really changes people’s lives, you’ll thrive on team BB.

What can you expect?

Things you can expect by joining the BB team.

Make a difference

We’re a small company. Each position that we hire is very autonomous. That means that we’re open to adapt to certain processes and ways of thinking. We want our team to get a say in how we do things, and feel a sense of ownership. You will be more than just a cog in a system. You will have the opportunity to build the system. We’re after independent, audacious thinkers.


You will have the opportunity to grow both on a personal and business level. You are arriving into a small digital agency that is ready to take the next step in it’s evolution, and you can be part of that growth.


You’ll have the freedom to work flexible hours and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We already operate in multiple time-zones and have been doing it for years. We do expect at least couple of hours each day when the whole team works together.

Remote work

We like to think about ourselves as remote-natives. One of the perks of our remote team is that we genuinely trust you to get your work done. You can work from anywhere you see fit. No strings attached. Just make sure you have a decent internet connection.


We won’t say we have infinite vacation days. We’re still a business. We take a collective two week winter break, as it gets very quiet during holidays. You have additional 2 weeks for the rest of the year to spend as you see fit.


If you’re looking for an agency with a daily happy hour and a ping pong table, we’re probably not the place for you. Our team shares a work ethic that is focused on quality. We hire for openness, willingness to learn and a curious nature. If you like to work in teams that value great work over loud voices, get in touch.

The work we do, and the people we help.

Our team are passionate about solving sticky problems for healthcare, communications, media and infrastructure technology. You’ll get to challenge yourself and help established corporations and growing tech companies like: Deloitte, Otsuka, ShipBob, Sendlane, Crisp, Ternary, etc. Help us build products for the many, not the few.

BB Agency (Trading name of Sweet&Simple d.o.o.) celebrates our differences and provides equal employment opportunities to all team members and applicants. We’re an international agency with a global workforce, and open to talent from every culture and background. With human-centric design at the core of our principals, we depend on the varied perspectives and life experiences of our team to help us build products for the many, not the few.

The process

  1. Pre-selection on CV and cover letter.
  2. Video exchange with the leadership team.
  3. Video exchange with Adrian, our recruiter.
  4. Welcome to BB Agency.

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We are a remote team with members and collaborators working together from Croatia, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Slovakia, Philippines, Lithuania, Portugal, and the United States to provide a va...
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