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Senior Product Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a Senior Product Marketing Manager to own and build out Athenian’s PMM function.




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57k-85k USD

We’re looking for a Senior Product Marketing Manager to own and build out Athenian’s PMM function. In this role, you’ll drive the go-to-market strategy and work with our Product and GTM teams to define a winning buyer’s journey and create messaging, content, and sales enablement tools supporting product launches, sales efforts, and marketing campaigns.

This role is fully remote and reports to Paul, Athenian’s VP of Marketing. 

💻 Day to day you'll:

  • Become an expert in Athenian’s product, market, and target audiences

  • Build the go-to-market playbook and craft messaging and positioning for our product to enable our marketing team to execute relevant campaigns

  • Partner with Product Management and Engineering to ensure that new features are successfully launched, and data-driven market insights are used to inform the product roadmap

  • Clearly communicate the value of Athenian to different segments through well-written content, including web copy, datasheets, case studies, and more

  • Provide sales enablement to drive our go-to-market playbook across the various sales roles, from SDR to account executives and solution engineers

  • Identify high impact projects that will help the team and company achieve lofty goals

👉 About You:

  • You have a strong background in B2B SaaS product marketing, solutions marketing, content marketing or product management, ideally with developer-facing products

  • You have strong interpersonal communication skills and can communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders

  • You’re able to manage complex / cross-functional projects and shift quickly between multiple priorities

  • You have a sincere appreciation for demand generation and sales enablement

  • You are intellectually curious with an innate desire to learn and master new markets 

  • You have a customer-centric and outcome-driven approach to problem-solving

🎁 Why work for Athenian:

  • Be part of an incredibly talented team that is passionate about helping engineering teams improve

  • Join us at a crucial stage of our development with enough runway for you to add value. Contribute tangibly to the company by continuously bringing value to our customers

  • We put a lot of value into collaboration and feedback, no matter if it comes from our CEO, a customer, Product, or Engineering because we know that the best ideas can come from anywhere

  • Athenian is a fully remote company with 16 people from 8 different countries working closely together in a fully-distributed way

  • We believe in transparency and collaboration, which reflects how we operate internally and externally

  • We are humane and care about each other's growth and wellbeing

  • Flexible hours, set your schedule that fits you

⚙️ Our hiring process:

  • 45-minute video call with our hiring manager

  • Take-home exercise if applicable

  • Virtual onsite with the team. 2 hours total

  • 30-minute video call with Eiso, CEO of Athenian

  • Reference call

About this role

February 8th, 2022

January 9th, 2022

Full Time

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57k-85k USD

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About Athenian

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Metrics & Insights for Modern Software Engineering Teams

About Athenian

At Athenian we’re a team of kind-hearted, deeply curious, empathic individuals from all over the world. We are on a mission to make it easier for all of us to build better software, faster. There are lots of ways to tackle this, we want to make our contribution to the world by getting you to insight faster. We believe that by increasing visibility into the way you build software, we can help people iterate rapidly and more effectively.

The way we work

We have been working remote since before the world caught on. We believe that most problems in organizations are communication problems. We believe in high transparency because high transparency leads to trust, and trust is the one thing that can avoid and solve most problems in a company. We strongly believe that health & family always comes before work (whomever you consider your family). We put customers first (after family), and everything else after that. We love building cool tech but understand that at the end of the day it’s in service of our customers, and that being technology purists won’t get us anywhere. We believe in saying no more often than yes, and trying our very best to keep focus on doing a few things exceptionally well, rather than many things average.

Athenian brings you the data and metrics you need to adopt a data-enabled engineering culture. We continue to build our product by listening to hundreds of engineering leaders since we started. We obsess over each pixel and believe that all software should be beautiful and intuitive. We feel that most products that have metrics and charts are complex, and require a statistics degree to interpret, we focus on breaking down that complexity. Our product vision is to provide you end-to-end visibility into your entire software development process.

Tech stack

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Software Engineering



Eiso Kant

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