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Apollo's mission is to help every business to fulfill their full market potential by connecting companies with amazing solutions with those who need them most. We've built an integrated platform for predictive prospecting, sales engagement, and actionable analytics. The platform learns from your client data and uses our database of 200M contacts and 25M companies to recommend the next best action for sales and marketing individuals to take in order to close more business.

We're a profitable and growing Series A company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with a strong worldwide remote team with over 35,000 signups per month on our free platform, and over $10 million raised from investors such as Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partners, SV Angel, and Social Capital.

Your Role & Mission

We are hiring a Senior Product Designer to help craft the future of Apollo. Product Designers serve a vital role here in helping us learn, test, and iterate to build the best experiences possible for our users. We appreciate designers who think deeply, speak clearly, love collaboration and feedback, and are always learning about best practices to master their craft!

Our Product Managers, Design, and Engineering teams are structured as Squads that are focused on several core features of the product. You will be assigned to a Squad alongside one Product Manager and multiple Engineers. You will also regularly collaborate with designers from other pods to share learnings and ensure a cohesive user experience.

Daily Adventures & Responsibilities

•  Solve user & business problems by designing flows and interfaces that are simple, effective, and elegant.

•  Collaborate with your PM & engineering squad to identify the highest impact areas to work on, develop hypothesis, test with prototypes & split tests, and iterate to deliver better experiences.

•  Work directly with your PM & engineering squad to handoff designs, understand constraints, and provide feedback from design QA & audits.

•  Build upon & maintain our design system alongside our other designers to ensure product cohesiveness.

•  Consistently integrate quantitative and qualitative data into essential product decisions.

•  Provide and seek feedback from other designers & share best practices to always push the bar for quality.

Skills & Competencies

•  4+ years of experience designing and shipping complex products founded in data and customer insights.

•  Expert design instincts & best practice knowledge to translate user problems, user goals, business objectives and technical constraints into excellent product experiences to deliver quick turnarounds & shorten feedback loops.

•  Self-starter that thrives while working in a fast-paced environment, working on multiple projects simultaneously.

•  Experience creating and maintaining components across multiple product surfaces in Figma.

•  Voracious learner, constantly trying to learn how to improve customer experience, drive core metrics. Continuously learns new industry standards, staying up to date with how to get the most out of modern design tools including Figma.

•  Experimentation-Oriented - Ability to conduct user interviews, analyze the results of interviews, form hypothesis, test hypothesis with users via prototypes or product experimentation, and iterate.

•  No big egos - we can uphold excellent rhythms within our Product Management, Engineering & Design squads because each member has respect for each other, and has a shared understanding of the goals, vision, and principles that Apollo operates on.

•  Highly interested in user-centric design - we like to push each other to stay at the cutting edge of our field :)

Product Team Values

Be a Voracious Learner

Learning is embedded into the DNA of our Product team. The core of what we do is to continuously run experiments to learn more about how to move the metrics that drive the highest impact to the company. Additionally, as individuals we are curious and naturally driven to constantly learn and share best practices and research about product, design, sales, marketing, our users, our market, our competitors, etc.

Don't Ship to Ship, Ship to Maximize Impact on Key Metrics

Every experiment that we run on the Product & Design team is calculated, and we must make sure that we are intentional with our decisions. Propose, prioritize, and deliver Product initiatives by working backwards from the metrics that have the highest potential to impact the business given the resources that we have.

Push the Envelope

Be curious, bold, and progressive. We're a team of owners, and we're eager to share and hear ideas and opinions on how to improve things.

Raise the Bar, Together

Our team members are constantly striving to improve not only themselves, but each other. We know that if we help each other become better in our roles, we will continuously up-level the caliber of the Product & Design team and inevitably be successful.

Optimize for Learning Velocity

When working on new initiatives, optimize for gathering the most learnings as quickly as possible. This means qualitative and quantitative data. Be in the field and speak with users, and look at the metrics from analytics.

Relationships Matter

Everyone you work with is "human". Understand their goals and issues, and how they like to work with others if you want to excel at collaboration.

Be Open, Honest, and Constructive

Stay open-minded to the thoughts and opinions of others. Only communicate with honesty to increase trust and minimize confusion. When feedback is given, try to be constructive so that we can all build each other up rather than just pointing out generalized negative/positive things about each other.

What You'll Love About Apollo

We offer a competitive salary and benefits, informal, fun, and remote working environment. Access to all Reforge programs to ensure that our team is constantly learning and following best practices as they advance in their careers. We're a company that believes in hiring great people and giving them the guidance and autonomy to maximize results and work towards their career goals.

Our work environment is diverse with a global remote team, and we are intentional in building an inclusive culture where everyone can be the best version of themselves. We created a place where ideas are encouraged from everyone and egos are left at the door. We're building a long-term company, and we want you to be a part of it! If this sounds interesting to you - please apply and we hope to talk to you soon! :)

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